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The new gold trend

The gold, faithful representative of the sun, wealth and power, appears in homes to proclaim itself as the new must have in terms of interior design. Throughout history, the gold color has been considered as the reference of royalty, strength and religious cults, as we can see in the halos and artefacts of different gods.

More and more, we will see how the gold is gaining presence in the details of the most glorious houses. Today we will talk about the different ways to introduce this tone in the house.


Golden details

Nowadays we do not need to have large surfaces with golden tones to present a home with glamour and elegance, but it is enough to opt for small decorative pieces to get a cosy atmosphere in a subtle way.

In the living room you can choose to apply the gold on the seams of the cushions of a flat sofa or the legs of a classic-vintage sofa. It is also recurrent to bet on metallic central tables, with bronze tones attached by long and thin legs.  


Small large spaces

In closed spaces, such as the bathroom and the bedroom, we see a large repertoire of artefacts with golden details that help convey a lot of warmth, such as a glass pot with golden borders or a mirror defined by a golden frame. At the same time, we can choose to place small gold elements such as jars and taps to boast of a lustful bath, but without crossing the line of eccentricity.


Crown jewel

The lights, in turn, have become one of the key elements for gold decoration. From hanging bulb lamps to recessed lights, we discover how they can seduce us with more roasted and yellowish browns.

Regarding the kitchen, we will go to the cutlery to give it a Kitsch touch but very refined. With gold wrapped cutlery and plates with vintage ornaments we will give the most exquisite dinners.