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Walls, far beyond paint and paper

With the pass of time, in all sectors new fashion, styles and designs turns up, and arquitecture and interior design is no exception.

In any home, the walls, even though they are normally given less importance than what they deserve, are a key element when it comes to recreating different ambiences.

Plaques, wood details, mirrors and vinyls are some of the latest trends which have caused that smooth and wallpapered walls have been pushed into the background.


Wood, a welcoming material

Wood facings allow adding an extra human warmth to any home, an important point if your house is located in a cold area, since it can counterbalance this effect.

It´s important to highlight that it´s not necessary to cover the whole wall with this material, you can add it in irregular shapes and even in different tones, avoiding excess. Wooden walls are easily combined, therefore mirrors or other sparkly decoration are perfect allies.


Steel and plaques

Covering the walls with metallic plaques – usually aluminum -, metals or other cold elements is another formula that has been given an increasing importance lately.

These kind of materials give a more commercial look to your home, completely the opposite from what we suggested before. Normally, the industrial style is the one that uses aluminum as the main material.


Bricks: antique and versatile.

Being the basic element used for the construction of most buildings, nowadays it has also turned into a main element while decorating your home.

Bricks offer infinite possibilities. The lighter versions are mostly used in spaces with natural light, meanwhile the darker models are normally used to create combinations of colors, mosaic and patterns.

If combined correctly, bricks can create a rustic and industrial feel to your home.


Marble, light and simple.

Although it had its peak in the mid 20th century, marble has had a recent come-back, turning into a trend.

We understand that this is mainly because of the simple care and the attributes of its composition. Even though it´s not a cheap element, if you use it only in certain spaces such toilets, shelves and walls, it´s affordable.

Without doubt, marble gives a sensation of spaciousness, hygiene and serenity, turning it into a very desirable material.