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The most important thing about open kitchens

The open kitchens are a very current trend of the 21st century that consolidate the open concept as a contemporary style. We will see the different ways of creating open spaces joining the core of the home with the rooms to make way for larger areas.

The presence of a more open environment implies some challenges. We will pay great attention to the decoration of the common areas to find a harmonization that is attributed to modernity and comfort.



This trend is ideal for smaller homes – loft type – and houses with large spaces. It also facilitates the interaction of family members and guest staying in different areas of the home.

In the open kitchens, emphasis will be placed on the central island as a key element to transmit design and freshness. Without a doubt, it is considered one of the most important areas, since everything happens around it.


Sharing spaces

When we create open areas, we can choose several options: look for a contrast of colors and materials to contrast the different spaces or choose a similarity, with the same aesthetic line.

Those who prefer a differentiation between rooms, although they share the same space, can bet on mixed floors, walls of different colors or even the use of different materials. For example, a white kitchen with metallic elements and a modern lounge with dark tones and a wooden floor.

On the other hand, if we look for a continuity between spaces, we must consider the use of colors. The white, beige and earth tones give a lot of warmth and harmony providing a sense of order and cleanliness.


The new rustic-modern

If we focus on the kitchen area, we can see a wide repertoire of styles: from industrial and surrealist kitchens to delicate countertops and minimalist cookers. However, from today on, we will see that the rustic-modern style will conquer the new proposals of kitchens, facing the trend in-city life.