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How to take advantage of the terrace

The terraces are, without a doubt, one of the most craved features in large city homes. Having available a relaxation area in a city away from the noise, the stress and the accelerated pace of life, is a luxury that you must know how to take advantage of.

Regardless of whether it is a large or small terrace, the important thing is to maximize the available space while creating a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to spend good times with your family, friends or by yourself.


Elements to achieve a unique and special "paradise"

  • Bench: when there is little space available, a good option is to get a bench with drawers. This way, cushions, blankets and other textiles can be stored in the bottom, without having to store them in the house.


  • Furniture: in the same way that happens with the bench, if it is a small terrace, you must make the most of it. The builtin shelves, the wall umbrellas, the folding chairs or the extendable tables are just some examples of furniture that allow us to gain ground.


  • Vegetation: plants, flowers and small bushes are a fantastic choice considering that they create an environment full of harmony, life, peace and tranquility. So that they do not occupy too much space, an alternative is hanging them from the ceiling or to place them in a shelf with vertical flower pots.


  • Lighting: although during the day it is not necessary, throughout the night it becomes a key point. The dim lights are the most recommended because they create a pleasant and comfortable environment.


Of course, the terrace is a wonderful space that you must take care of and decorate with love so that it becomes a place where you can disconnect and enjoy good times.