Social commitment – a core value

Solidarity Living

At Living, we are very grateful to be able to make a living out of our passion - the luxury real estate - and that our company continues to grow and provide work and home to more and more people. And we believe that one of our duties is to give back to society at least part of what it offers us.

Therefore, it is important for us to collaborate, whether through donations or participating in projects that support the same values as we do, with Non-Governmental Organizations that help the less fortunate and protect the planet on which we live.

We firmly believe in values such as solidarity, respect and equality, but we know that believing is not enough, so we take action.

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An opera to fight child poverty

In Barcelona's Plaça Bonanova Cathedral we've had the pleasure of attending a charitable opera concert, supporting Mary’s Meals Foundation. It was our pleasure at Living to be the sponsors of the event, which was possible also thanks to the partnership of the Concurs Internacional de Cant Jaume Aragall.

The attendees had the chance to enjoy the magnificent performance of Marianna Prizzon, a soprano who already played the prestigious stages New York City or Munich, and who was directly influenced by great artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Leone Magiera orRenatta Scotto. Prizzon shared the stage and applauses with the mezzosoprano Guisela Zannerini Neri, the Uruguayan tenor Sebastián Ferrada and the talented baritone Daniel Ihn-Kyu Lee.

During the concert, the public was delighted with an interesting variety of pieces from some of the greatest composers in history, like Antonio Vivaldi ‘s “Laudamuset” (“Gloria” RV589), Verdi's “Au Maria”, “When I am laid in earth” (Lamento di Dido from the Opera “Dido and Aeneas”) by Henry Purcell or Francesco Paolo Tosti’s “Aprile”.


Mary’s Meals, a dish at the table for every child

The money raised at the concert was donated to Mary’s Meals, an international organization that focuses its efforts on feeding children in chronic poverty situations, all around the globe.

Nowadays, the foundation provides one quality meal every school day to more than a million boys and girls. The meals are served in the schools, prepared by volunteer mothers in the kitchens that Mary’s Meals has built in every centre.

Besides being a guaranty of food supplies for the little ones, the number of students in those schools has increased, the academic performance improved and the absenteeism and disease rate have dropped, thanks to the foundation's efforts.


All help adds

If you want to support Mary’s Meals, you can do it through donations or by becoming a volunteer on their website. To insure the organization’s transparency, the donors can closely follow their partnerships with schools through pictures and comments, in addition to the possibility of visiting the centres personally.

For us, it’s always an honour to actively participate in charitable causes that help the world become a better place for everyone, as in this case, by teaming with a foundation that doesn't just feed the children, but also brings future opportunities closer to them.

Would you like to propose a collaboration for a special cause?