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The ideal sofa

For many, the sofa - in the same way as the bed - is one of the most important investments when furnishing a house, leaving the rest in the background. But the bed does not have to be limited to be a beautiful and combinable element, but it is also necessary that it mixes practicality, comfort and functionality.

Regardless of the design, the number of seats, the fabric or the style, which must be in tune with the rest of the decoration, one of the most remarkable aspects that concerns most buyers is color.

Although the options are multiple, we will analyze the most outstanding ones, considering in which occasions they are preferable.


Big doses of lightness

The light tones are ideal for those cases where there is little space available. White or beige are two key colors that stand out for their versatility and ease when it comes to combining with any style, minimalist, classic or modern.

Both are timeless and have the great advantage of providing a large dose of light to the room. In addition, they combine perfectly with many colors, from the warmest to the coldest.


The elegance of dark tones

The navy blue, black and dark gray are three colors with a lot of personality that bring elegance and sophistication to the environment. They can be combined with other tones although neutrals are the best choice.

The rest of the furniture can be made of wood to achieve a harmonious, distinguished and very special atmosphere.


Bold trends

In those cases in which you can renovate the sofa more often, you can opt for more exclusive and eye-catching pieces, from sofas with bold and striking colors, such as yellow, red or orange, to those that follow modern trends as it is the case of those that include the patchwork technique, obtaining a unique and very original result.

Before making the purchase decision, there are factors that need to be assessed such as the amount of natural light that enters the room, the color of the walls, the prominence that we want the sofa to have, the possibility of getting dirty frequently if we have some domestic animal, etc.