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The best tips to organize your garden

A house with a garden gives us the opportunity to exploit a space that not everyone has, giving our house a different style and a personal twist. Today we share with you the best tips to decorate and get the most out of it. It is important to assess its characteristics to maximize its virtues and minimize those aspects that you don’t like that much.


Organization and analysis

Since not all houses are the same, neither are all gardens, which have very different characteristics. When it comes to organizing the area it is important to decide which is the best spot to place different elements such as plants, playing areas for the kids or furniture. In order to produce a feeling of spaciousness it is a good idea to avoid overburden the garden.

It is important to analyse the characteristics of the home. Depending if you live in a very hot or very rainy city, this factor will determine the most optimal type of gardening and the furniture it should contain.


Plants, flowers and colours

To give colour and vivacity to your garden, the best way is through plants and flowers. It is important to choose them according to the climate of the city, with colours that combine with the rest of decorative elements.


Cactus and organic gardens, the latest in gardening

As if it was clothing fashion, gardening trends also change year after year. The cactus is an original plant that does not require much care and is easily found in different sizes and shapes. On the other hand, organic gardens, which in recent years are trending, give a different style.


Lights, the icing on the cake

The lighting allows the signalling and identification of spaces and, of course, the possibility of using the garden at night. There are dozens of formats, from small spotlights at ground level to spotlights to put between your plants and flowers through outdoor furniture that brings built-in lighting.