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RAW decoration

Although there are many decorative typologies, the Raw style – or what we could literally translate as crude decoration – is a relatively new, fresh, uneven formula whose simplicity has become one of its best assets.

For those looking for a unique and notably style with a casual and very special touch, this will become your favourite style.


A natural decoration

Without a doubt, it is essential to begin with the white colour and the light tones to start planning the new style of the property. From there, the rest of the elements can be placed.

Part of this simplicity comes from the need to create an open space, clean, without environmental noise and that gives off a feeling of well-being.

It is important to note that most of the decoration included in the home will be natural and untreated. Wood, for example, is likely to be cracked and contains rough textures since it is barely treated. With these characteristic traits is intended to bring warmth to the environment.


Warm and without frills

Although at first, the decorative line of the Raw may seem cold, the inclusion of materials such as wood, reduce this effect.

Also, decorative elements such as fabrics, plants, flowers, bowls, etc. are the ones that bring more warmth. Nevertheless, we must know how to moderate its use so that there is no negative effect and an overloaded environment.

Preferably it is better to use dry materials and light tones: esparto, rope and rugs are a good choice. Wooden benches, large wall clocks and wicker baskets are also key elements.