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Planning and distributing your bedroom

The bedroom is the place in your house where comfort and well-being comes first. That’s why designing a pleasant space that invites you to enjoy your time there is basic.

Even though it´s normally a room without much furniture and with “limited” options, there are different ways to achieve a charming space, perfect for anyone.


A correct planning

Planning and designing your bedroom shouldn´t be much different from any other space in your home. To avoid errors and mistakes it´s important to start with doing a planning of the available space and the decorative ideas that you have in mind.

We should pay attention to any corners, windows, built-in closets, electrical sockets, balconies, terraces and doors there might be. Once we have contemplated all these important details, it´s time to choose the decorative style that we prefer, as well as the furniture that would suit the room best and where we would put them.


The essential furniture

Even though everyone has their own preferences when it comes to organizing their bedroom, the bed is – for obvious reasons – the most important actor in this play. It´s around the bed that we will place the rest of the furniture, that will also get an important role.

One of the main points of the whole process is to decide the style of the furniture, achieving consistency in the rooms decoration. It´s very important to maintain a similar style to the rest of furniture, colors and shapes of your home.

After this, we should come back to the planning and decide where to locate the furniture. In case of closets there are several options to choose between: built-in, external or just a clothing rack, although the latter is a more daring bet.

Consistency and coherence are the main ingredients for a great result.


 A more practical bedroom.

What traditionally was seen as just another room in your house has now turned into one of the most important and looked after spaces. Nowadays there are people that work from home, choosing the bedroom to keep up with their everyday routine; others choose to watch TV from their bed out of convenience.

If you also decide to go for a more practical bedroom, we would recommend you design a space in accordance to your needs, without much furniture y leaving space for movement. A space that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and centered in your everyday life.