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New York style is in!

Landing in the 21st century ‘big apple’, we return home to feel the real New York style. One of the greatest styles representing the cultures and fashions diversity that coexist in a city such as New York. An impressive trend that catches the eye of everyone and with great presence on the big screen, reaching the whole world with its trendiness and elegance.

The factory style inspired by traditional and industrial workshops has collided with the New York indoors, showing its great old structures. We welcome open spaces with high ceilings, bright interiors and white as the main tone to create our platonic home.


Live the wall

A very important element to give your house a New York vibe are the brick walls. This material should be combined above all with white, gray or woody earth tones. Also, we would have large minimalist windows that illuminates our home in a natural way avoiding overloading it with artificial lights. The best options are smooth windows to keep close to Brooklyn’s heart.

Art is a very important part of the city that never sleeps. Painters, publicists, sculptors, actors and singers have contributed to defining the idea we have about the New York style. This discipline of which we speak is manifested with elements such as a great “retro style” fan, antlers, metallic accessories and even musical instruments such as a saxophone.

And as last, but not least, the paintings. Paintings are a clear manifestation of our thoughts and what we want to say, so we need to give the touch to our home to complete it in true New York style.


New York Style decoration for your furniture

All this art is reflected with a more sinuous air in the furniture of the house. Focus on minimalist and modern pieces that evoke a retro-modern style and combine them with a piece of strong colors to emphasize with elegant contrasts.

One of the techniques to create a higher impression is through the use of furniture. Look for low pieces that are close with the ground and you will create an effect where you will end up gaining height in the walls. As much as it may seem a space with many contrasts, its order and cleanliness what we are trying to achieve.