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Minimalist style

Minimalism is a style of decoration that leans towards the simplicity and functionality of the elements that make up the home in search of serenity and well-being. They are spaces that claim to be modern and simple, but without neglecting the style.


Less is more

The minimalist decoration tries to get rid of those unnecessary elements and keep the essentials so that each space is practical. By stripping us of expendable elements we will make our rooms seem spacious, clean and efficient.

For that reason, we will look for clear rooms that do not have decorative excesses and that do not cause us a sense of an overload. The colour white, light and wood will bring elegance, vanguard and warmth to our home. It is not about giving up the style but making the most out of the home without overloading it.


Simple and functional mobiliary

For the selection of furniture, we will focus on incorporating only those that are necessary and utilitarian. The minimalist designs are characterized by simple geometric shapes, without many details, with neutral colors and that fit with other pieces.

To try to gain some space and simplicity, we can opt for multipurpose furniture, such as sofas that become beds for the guest room, stools that fold or tables that are enlarged if we need to receive visitors. We will always try to avoid accumulating unnecessary furniture that overloads the space.


Simple materials

If we want to achieve a true minimalist style, we must also take care of the materials we choose for decoration. We will opt for smooth, simple and as natural elements as possible.

That is why wood with light shades, such as birch, maple or bamboo, can be perfect for decorating floors and walls of our home. Achieving a very characteristic feeling of uniformity and cleanliness.

The large windows that allow the entry of natural light, will bring clarity and spaciousness to our space. We will choose minimalist floor lamps to bring illumination to those darkest corners or simply candles, trying not to lose the essence that characterizes this style.