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Fusion decoration: African-chic

Africa, the supposed progenitor continent of the history of humanity contains a great history and is a great influence in the world of interior decoration and architectural design. A dose of African culture fused with Mediterranean aesthetic reflects the excellence of a discipline that unites us all: art.

Below we will specify some of the guidelines to bring an African and current air to the home, with the great wealth from the lands of our neighbour continent.


Ethnic decoration

One of the main characteristics of the African style is its ability to create unique and emblematic pieces. The ideal is to combine some of the best objects of the African culture with a modern and minimalistic structure to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Some elements such as ceremonial masks, juju hats, musical instruments, human figures, feathers, symbolic photographs of elephants and bracelets, are unique and clearly make a difference, with high doses of ethnic style.

To avoid a very crowded environment, it is advisable to opt for white walls with some detail in black, such as the edges of the windows. It is also important to emphasize the plants, representative symbol for the effect of nature in Africa.


The colors of the tribe

The colors of the heart of Africa are linked to the richness of its fertile lands, so it is common to use shades such as red, yellows, gold, ochre and brown in all its variations. Sometimes it is also possible to find the green colour with a very dark propensity.

These colors are represented in carpets, decorative figures, furniture and decorative blankets.


Materials in combat

The natural materials are a condition for the African style, in this way, we will look for furniture made with wicker, ebony, rattan and wood of 100% natural origin.

On the other hand, for decorative elements, skins, clay, ceramics, animal bones, boogolian fabrics and raffia leaves will prevail, among many other materials.