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French Country style bedrooms

The French Country has become a very popular decorative style around the world for its informal elegance, soft tones of color and for its accessories of natural, homely and rustic appearance. It is a simple style and at the same time sophisticated, which allows to unleash creativity. In addition, this style also tolerates the influence of other decorative styles. The French Country is a cozy stile, warm and that does not go out of fashion, which makes it ideal to take it to the bedrooms. It is a delicate style without being cloying, colorful without being overly extravagant, or informal, while remaining close. Below, we show you some deeper details that you can easily apply to achieve a French Country style that will bring sobriety and a classic touch to your bedroom.

Elegant furniture and accessories

The most commonly used material in the French Country style decoration is wood. Therefore, most of the furniture, accessories or even the floors will be made of this material. To achieve a vintage effect in the bedroom we will choose furniture with simple and elegant lines. The aged furniture, worn or painted, with metallic touches of copper or wrought iron are also perfect for this style.

The most common accessories use porcelain, glass, wrought iron, wood and delicate fabrics to give warmth to the environment. In this style, chandeliers, iron hanging lights or stone chimneys are almost indispensable elements.

Neutral colors

The French County style decoration uses a palette of colors that come from the whole spectrum of the color wheel. However, white is the basic color where other warm soft colors are incorporated, such as gold, yellow, orange, reddish, rust or brown. The colors, gray, dark green or blue in bright colors are ideal if you prefer to give the decoration of your room a greater proximity to nature. Another widely used resource are the patterns with floral motifs that can be easily incorporated into the decoration with wall paper for the wall.