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AMSUDAN fills the "Club de Polo de Barcelona" with solidarity

As you may already know, every year, AMSUDAN organizes a charity dinner at the Club de Polo de Barcelona to raise funds. The date for the 2017 event was June 21st and, as with the previous occasions, Living and many members of the team were there, including our director Estrella Serrano.

We're proud to collaborate with AMSUDAN. AMSUDAN is an NGO devoted to helping the missionaries who work in Sudan, offering their support and resources to disadvantaged collectives of the African country, especially to Father José Javier Parladé, who does field-work in order to identify the more urgent needs in the Mission of Yirol in Southern Sudan.


AMSUDAN, a helping hand in Sudan

The efforts of AMSUDAN are focused on the young population, especially on the building of schools. But this non-profit organization also works on the construction of wells, centres for women, centres for displaced populace and schools for adults, among other projects.

In the last decades, in the field of education alone, the organization has built and offered management support for 14 schools, which offer education to more than 9.800 children, a school-residency for high school education, a kindergarten, a teachers residency, a training school for adults and a training school-seminary.


A lot of bits

The charity dinners at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona and in other locations around the country help the NGO to raise thousands of euros every year, thanks to the generosity of the attendees and of the companies and brands who donate their products and services for the auctions and lotteries that take place during the events.

At Living, it makes us happy to contribute our part to the cause and, thus, help improve not just the life of our clients in Barcelona but, in a different way, the lives of people inhabiting faraway places of the planet and who find themselves in need.

A good number of celebrities and famous figures of the high society attend the event every year, as did Mercedes Milà or Maria de Godó on previous occasions. For this edition, as usual, all sorts of familiar faces and friends we were wishing to see, passed by our photo booth, like fashion designer Purificación García.

As always, it was a real pleasure to support AMSUDAN and invest as much as possible in their magnificent task.