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All we need is green

This season, more than ever, we will greet the green color, ready to enter our homes with great force. We will not only use it as a symbol of calm and serenity, but as an icon of style and design.

In representation of life, fertility and good health, green sets off from great history and importance in the evolution of humanity. Formerly, unlike now, it was considered a primary colour for its symbolism and not for its origin when mixing blue and yellow. More value was given to the effect that the colours transmitted, both on a psychological and visual level.

Landing in the most prodigious homes, we find a great diversity of styles and trends that give a sense to current homes. One of these is named after the green style.


Green hope

This 2018 doors have been opened for green and its shades. Within the whole range that represents this colour, we will see much presence of a darker tone combined perfectly with a very soft environment.

Marble countertops covered in Indian green on a greyish base will have much prominence in the kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, this combination of colors will also be reflected in the decoration of the home with small pots to bring freshness.


Invincible coatings

The upholstery can be a key point to create an atmosphere of comfort and style. Likewise, the sofa will be dressed in green to move us to the classic-modern trend.

For the defenders of light fabrics such as beige on the sofas, we will resort to contrast with green cushions with golden edges, being a must to wear with the head held high.

On the other hand, the chairs and armchairs are impressive to everyone's eyes for their daily use, in this way, we will lean towards green basil upholstery and coverings to enjoy all the meals in the best way.

Last, but not least, gold, yellow and garnet would be the three most appropriate colours to combine with the protagonist of the day, green.