Illuminate the livingroom: ¿how to do it?

The livingroom is the most important place for most people. It uses daily: to watch TV, to work, to rest, to study and also to eat. So, if the livingroom is the place where people do more activities in a house, it needs a suitable lighting for each of them. Its really important that the design and the lights location be confortable, flexible and that can be regulated depending of the situation or de activity to do.


Illuminate to watch TV

Usually, the TV is the centre of attention in a family home. To be well-lit, is recommendable to compensate the screen intensity with a soft light lamp located near, behind or on the sides of the TV. In this way, the eyes pressure that causes the intensity changes will be reduced. This changes will allow more comfortable vision and will create screen concentration.


Illuminate to read and relax

The best way to achive the perfect light in the livingroom to read or create relax atmosphere is to use diffusing or direct lights lamps. These creates a really quiet and comfortable environment because they provides concentrated light where people can regulate the height and provide specific lighting when concentration is required. As a suggestion, the best option is to contrast this type of light with sunlight, specially at the momento where is plenty sunshine.

Keys to decorate your pool

With the arrival of summer just around the corner, the pools become the best corner of the house. There is no matter if they are wooden pools, prefabricated or construction, the main important thing is that they have to be decorated as they should in order to enhance its authentic beauty and give a unique and exclusive design to the outdoor area of the property.

In this post we will review what are the two essential items that will help us to make the pool an idyllic and unique place.

Furniture to feel like in paradise

If you want a perfect pool you have to think about all the areas around it. The furniture, is a key factor to achieve a unique space to spend time alone or in company.

Currently there are many designs that adapt perfectly to all types of budgets, so the really complicated thing is to choose which it will be the best one to achieve what we want. The elegance of these furniture near to the garden plants, will provide a natural style that will produce calm and serenity.

Key lighting

The colour of the light and the intensity of it are two important things. Depending on the environment we want to achieve the lighting will play a key role and it will be necessary to know how to handle it.

Currently there are many alternatives: from LED lights that are recharged with solar energy, to decorative candles with petals, through sophisticated indoor pool lights.

Whether it is a party with friends until late at night or an informal meeting with colleagues for work, the pool is a unique space that doesn’t stop to recreate and that will make the most exquisite atmosphere.

French Country style bedrooms

The French Country has become a very popular decorative style around the world for its informal elegance, soft tones of color and for its accessories of natural, homely and rustic appearance. It is a simple style and at the same time sophisticated, which allows to unleash creativity. In addition, this style also tolerates the influence of other decorative styles. The French Country is a cozy stile, warm and that does not go out of fashion, which makes it ideal to take it to the bedrooms. It is a delicate style without being cloying, colorful without being overly extravagant, or informal, while remaining close. Below, we show you some deeper details that you can easily apply to achieve a French Country style that will bring sobriety and a classic touch to your bedroom.

Elegant furniture and accessories

The most commonly used material in the French Country style decoration is wood. Therefore, most of the furniture, accessories or even the floors will be made of this material. To achieve a vintage effect in the bedroom we will choose furniture with simple and elegant lines. The aged furniture, worn or painted, with metallic touches of copper or wrought iron are also perfect for this style.

The most common accessories use porcelain, glass, wrought iron, wood and delicate fabrics to give warmth to the environment. In this style, chandeliers, iron hanging lights or stone chimneys are almost indispensable elements.

Neutral colors

The French County style decoration uses a palette of colors that come from the whole spectrum of the color wheel. However, white is the basic color where other warm soft colors are incorporated, such as gold, yellow, orange, reddish, rust or brown. The colors, gray, dark green or blue in bright colors are ideal if you prefer to give the decoration of your room a greater proximity to nature. Another widely used resource are the patterns with floral motifs that can be easily incorporated into the decoration with wall paper for the wall.

Entryways to impress

Most of us know that the first impression is what counts. The lobbies or entryways besides being the entrance to a house, they also are the cover letter of those who live in it. The entryways talk a lot about what we are going to find next. So that visitors are surprised and wanting to continue discovering more parts of the house, it is important to take good care of the decoration and the details of the entrance to your home. In this article we show you some of the best ideas so that nobody will forget the good feeling that your lobby transmits. In addition, in your daily life you will also appreciate entering the house and finding an orderly, aesthetic and clean space.

Functional and useful

The decoration of a hall should balance between the beauty and the simplicity. It is about creating a practical space for day to day and that transmits a first impression of your personality and taste. Try to remove that furniture that is not functional for this room, the ideal would be to not overload it so it brings a greater sense of well-being when arriving or leaving the house.

Wooden bench

Adding a small wooden bench, with soft shades such as white or beige, will be ideal to convey style and comfort to the entrance. In addition to having a great value at decorative level, which will show you as a calm and thoughtful person, a bank in the hall is a very practical element in the daily life. You can use it to take off your shoes, leave the shopping bags or read the mail.

Coat rack

Leaving your coat, along with taking off your shoes, could be one of the greatest and simplest pleasures of getting home. Look for a coat rack for your entryway that is original and fits with the decoration. The racks are ideal for when you receive friends and they do not know where to store their coats and bags. This will help to create an impression to them that whoever lives in that home is a person who likes to take care and likes to host their visitors.


Who does not want to boast about the family, travels around the world or the greatest moments of somebody’s life? Throughout a life time we accumulate many pictures that only a few people will see. Therefore, incorporate images that make you feel good, that show your personality and that add a touch of tenderness to this corner of the house.

Interiors with black and white contrast

The black and white decoration for interiors is a safe option that allows to achieve an elegant and cozy style in any room of the house.

A balanced combination between these two colors allows to create spaces with a neutral character, which are ideal for creating relaxed environments of low intensity. So, we can create a decoration that generates little visual fatigue and that allows us to disconnect after a long day full of activities.

Elegance, sobriety and sophistication are some of the qualities that black color brings to designs. Since it is the darkest color of the spectrum, it is convenient to use it sparingly and combine it with other shades that provide more luminosity. Therefore, the contrast with white is perfect, because it provides that note of light so necessary to achieve a pleasant and serene space. Keep in mind that, so that is not overwhelming, the predominant color should be white, since if you cover too much black space, you will get a room that is too closed and dark, which will make it look smaller than it really is.

Black and white is a safe bet that you can always modify by adding a touch of color to the atmosphere of a room. Although this combination is perfect in any decoration, its lace is much more optimal in the Nordic and minimalist style, and fits perfectly in living rooms, offices, kitchens, and bathrooms. You do not have to apply these colors to the whole room, but you can create a small corner in the living room, where you can dedicate yourself to reading or working. They will be clean, fresh and serene spaces, that reinforce the concentration.

If you wish, for this contrast not to be so pronounced, you can incorporate some accessories and furniture in natural materials such as wood or bronze, which will help the connection between both colors. The black furniture is perfect to bring a touch of class, warmth and sophistication to the room.

On the other hand, a black wall will be an ideal background to incorporate furniture in with tones. Try to keep the black walls unadorned and dedicate the white color to areas with more natural light. By doing this you will give an emphasis to the decoration, like the one found in the nature, that will bring you to a state of calm within a space full of style.

Urban Modern interior design

The Urban Modern interior decoration is a contemporary style, with an industrial touch that fits perfectly in the sophisticated houses of a city. Its always fashionable designs seek to emphasize intelligently in comfort and elegance, in order to enjoy a small oasis within the urban core. With strong influences from other current and modern styles, such as the minimalist or the industrial, the Urban Modern style stands out, both for its personality and for the wellness that generates, and for that reason, it is ideal in a loft or a modern apartment. Here are some suggestions you can easily apply in your home to achieve greater comfort in your daily life within the city.

Soft tones
Generally, the Urban Modern style has a soft character that puts the focus on design and comfort since it seeks to create a relaxing and serene space in the house. Therefore, warm colors, such as reds, oranges or blues; or neutral colors, like grey, beige or black, are ideal to combine both on the walls and furniture of the interiors.

Regulate the accessories
The Urban Modern is a style that allows accessories in small quantities. Therefore, try not to overload the decoration and choose the objects that you will exhibit for its functionality and utility. So, you will enjoy a greater sense of space and freedom, which will help you to disconnect from the stresses of the city.

Comfortable furniture
Comfort is an essential aspect in the contemporary designs of the Urban Modern. In this style, rooms are projected with comfortable furniture with curved lines, softs fabrics and natural materials that create a feeling of wellness and relax.

Urban and industrial character
Some typical elements from the city have space in this style. Exposed bricks, hardwood floors, metal beams or huge steel windows will be perfect components to bring style to the home without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.

The importance of a well-kept garden

The garden represents an essential part in the exterior aesthetics of a house and its decoration can sometimes become a challenge. However, it is a splendid opportunity to give a better image to your garden and prepare it so you can enjoy the outdoors of dining with your friends, reading a book or for cultivating your own vegetables and fruits. Below, we will show you some of the new trends in gardening for this year, which will help you to transmit all the harmony and attractiveness that this space deserves.

The exterior combined with the interior

The decoration of the garden should be in harmony with the decoration in other spaces of the house, so the combination will be perfect and will transmit a relaxed and fresh effect. The tendency is to drag the colors and patterns of the decoration in the interiors towards the garden. Therefore, we recommend creating an outdoor version of your entertainment and kitchen areas, so you can make your friends and family feel at home while having fun outdoors.

The copper color

Whether as a color or as a material, copper will continue to dominate the gardens and terraces in 2019. The impact that its color generates in contrast to other textures such as stone, gravel or wood, provides an incredible sense of warmth and a surprising finish.

Intelligent lighting

The exterior lighting plays a fundamental role in the practical use that you will give to your garden. In addition to achieving the desired atmosphere, it will allow you to enjoy this space in the warm summer nights. There is a wide variety of exterior lights to achieve different effects, try to choose the ones that you think are best suited to the elements of the garden and the landscape.


This year, planting shrubs is one of the greatest trends for the garden. You can find them in almost all colors and their flowers will bring aromas and a sense of well-being to all those around them.


Trends for the decoration of 2019

The arrival of the new year is always accompanied by new purposes and ideas to fulfil and it is an excellent opportunity to face new objectives. Throughout the year we spend a lot of time inside the rooms of the house so we give you some trends for the decoration of 2019, which will help you to achieve a sense of comfort so you can overcome all your challenges.


Amplitude and nature

Open spaces, simple, with great natural lighting and vegetation will mark the line of homes this season. We will look for elements that are thin, that allow the entrance of light and we will take advantage to fill the house with plants. Some furniture with wood details will bring beauty and energy without overloading the environment.



The velvet fabrics will continue accompanying us another year to decorate some elements of the house. Sofas, chairs or blankets of this material, in addition to a lot of softness, will bring touches of sophistication and elegance very distinctive.


Decoration on the ceilings

Another trend that will take force throughout the year are the decorated ceilings. Whether with mouldings, paintings or wallpapers, the ceilings look for prominence and add character to your rooms. In the dining room, a metallic paint with touches of gold or silver, will help to give a brightness and a very elegant luminosity. The bright colors or the wallpapers with modern designs are ideal for the rooms of the little ones.


Handmade and sustainable pieces

2019 will be accompanied by handmade pieces that use natural materials such as jute, cork, cotton or wicker. In addition to being practical and sustainable, they will help us feel more in touch with the earth. For those people really committed to the responsible use of resources, we can choose decorative elements that are recycled. In this way we will extend its useful life and we will contribute to look for fewer polluting solutions.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Hygge is a concept emerged in Denmark that pursues welfare in all aspects. The long, dark winters of the north force the Scandinavians to spend more hours inside their houses. For this reason, the hygge pays attention to creating intimate spaces with a decoration that makes us feel relaxed and in harmony, and so that we can put aside the worries of the day.

In the home, hygge aims to identify and enhance those elements that surround us in positive feelings and well-being. Therefore, the main thing is to create a space that is welcoming and where we can feel at ease, both alone and as a family.


Warm atmosphere

The Danes reject the blinds to make the most of the natural light in their homes. Natural light is positive to recharge people's energy and influences their mood and well-being. A curtain with light fabrics will be perfect to let sunlight in and keep privacy.

When natural light is not possible, we will incorporate candles or light the fireplace to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For artificial light, the adjustable white bulbs will emit a more diffuse light that will help create a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Light colored walls, such as white, beige or light gray, will give a sense of minimalism to the Nordic style and help create a serene and stress-free atmosphere. The order and organization are essential to simplify the day to day and achieve peace of mind.


Harmony with nature

Nature is the perfect ally in the pursuit of well-being and pleasure. Plants on tables or hanging plants will help you to connect with the natural environment and enjoy an exciting sense of well-being.

Wood is another way of being in harmony with the natural, so we will look for floors and furniture with soft tones of this element. In addition, we will incorporate some cushions, blankets and rugs made of soft materials and natural textiles such as wool or cotton, which will add texture and color to the decoration.

Home-spa Bathrooms

December is the perfect month to finish the decorative projects that we started during the year and start preparing new purposes. If we focus on the different areas of the house, the bathroom is one of the most intimate but at the same time busy areas of the house. That is why it is essential to create a space that gives an excellent impression and at the same time allows us to relax and relieve tensions.


The trend of the bath – spa

The spa baths are a trend that takes more and more strength in interior decoration for the next 2019. These are meant to be simple, minimalist, relaxing and beautiful spaces that offer unique experiences in a private space.

Reforming the bathroom can be a tedious task if you do not know how to face it. Here are some tips for you to achieve a perfect result and feel like in a spa, without leaving home.


Organization and cleaning

The color white is synonymous with purity and serenity, that is why it will help us to transmit that feeling of cleanliness and tranquillity tat we are looking for. Pure white towels, bath mats and bathrobes will transport us directly to paradise, causing a sense of well-being.

It should be noted that, apart from color, another important factor to consider is the organization of the space, which will produce a sense of serenity. For this reason, it is preferable to minimize the objects in view. Try replacing large soap pots with nice apothecary jars or small glass containers, and you will see the results. The bathroom trays are ideal for equipping them with various jars of soap and perfumes, candles or small decorative pieces.

As for the towels, they can be hung properly folded or, in case of insufficient space, store them vertically. In this way you can maximize the space to store utensils and clothes in the bathroom.


Music and lighting

The music and the relaxing aromas are a must to achieve the spa effect. For that reason, aromatic candles accompanied by a soft melody will transport us to the palaces of the Thousand and One Nights. Including small plants or hanging vegetation will cause a sensation of renewal and purification very characteristic of spas.

On the other hand, lighting is a key factor as well. Preferably it is better to be natural, although if we do not have windows or light inputs, we can set the bathroom with indirect lights or that have regulation. The idea is that we can adapt the light to our activity.

Elegant and relaxed inspiration

When it comes to choosing which style will fit best in the decoration of our home, there may be nuances that make you doubt. The objective is to achieve a pleasant atmosphere that, at the same time, shows our personality and taste.

Today the combination of styles, as far as interior decoration is concerned, is the order of the day. A modern deco that follows the current trends, perfectly combines with a conventional and even disorganized deco. And, who does not love the look of a dazzling bohemian room?

You do not have to do without a style to continue with the other. You can choose to combine a relaxed and elegant decoration to create a Boho Glam style. It is about taking the best of relaxed bohemian style to merge it with ostentation and glamour, achieving a totally perfect appearance.

Below, you will find some tips that will help you to create an amazing Boho Glam decoration with an irresistible touch.


A peacock chair

The iconic peacock chair is the most representative object of the boho movement of the 70s. Every bohemian room should have one of this cozy wicker beauties that have their origin in Southeast Asia in the seventeenth century.


A touch of antiquity

We will choose some elements or vintage pieces for the room. Either an antique headboard or a lamp that looks like something from another era.


Moroccan style

The Moroccan style has always generated great fascination around the world for its daring designs, its bright accessories and its unparalleled colours. Choosing a beautiful Moroccan styled rug and begin the decoration from its colors will help to create a halo of mystery in the room. With lamps, teapots and exotic cushions we will awake all our senses.


A lot of plants

A simple way to achieve a boho atmosphere is by adding some large-leaved plants. For interiors it is ideal to opt for a plant that requires low maintenance such as a Rubber Plant or Philodendron, which will give an air of seventies nostalgia.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is a style of decoration that leans towards the simplicity and functionality of the elements that make up the home in search of serenity and well-being. They are spaces that claim to be modern and simple, but without neglecting the style.


Less is more

The minimalist decoration tries to get rid of those unnecessary elements and keep the essentials so that each space is practical. By stripping us of expendable elements we will make our rooms seem spacious, clean and efficient.

For that reason, we will look for clear rooms that do not have decorative excesses and that do not cause us a sense of an overload. The colour white, light and wood will bring elegance, vanguard and warmth to our home. It is not about giving up the style but making the most out of the home without overloading it.


Simple and functional mobiliary

For the selection of furniture, we will focus on incorporating only those that are necessary and utilitarian. The minimalist designs are characterized by simple geometric shapes, without many details, with neutral colors and that fit with other pieces.

To try to gain some space and simplicity, we can opt for multipurpose furniture, such as sofas that become beds for the guest room, stools that fold or tables that are enlarged if we need to receive visitors. We will always try to avoid accumulating unnecessary furniture that overloads the space.


Simple materials

If we want to achieve a true minimalist style, we must also take care of the materials we choose for decoration. We will opt for smooth, simple and as natural elements as possible.

That is why wood with light shades, such as birch, maple or bamboo, can be perfect for decorating floors and walls of our home. Achieving a very characteristic feeling of uniformity and cleanliness.

The large windows that allow the entry of natural light, will bring clarity and spaciousness to our space. We will choose minimalist floor lamps to bring illumination to those darkest corners or simply candles, trying not to lose the essence that characterizes this style.

The most important thing about open kitchens

The open kitchens are a very current trend of the 21st century that consolidate the open concept as a contemporary style. We will see the different ways of creating open spaces joining the core of the home with the rooms to make way for larger areas.

The presence of a more open environment implies some challenges. We will pay great attention to the decoration of the common areas to find a harmonization that is attributed to modernity and comfort.



This trend is ideal for smaller homes – loft type – and houses with large spaces. It also facilitates the interaction of family members and guest staying in different areas of the home.

In the open kitchens, emphasis will be placed on the central island as a key element to transmit design and freshness. Without a doubt, it is considered one of the most important areas, since everything happens around it.


Sharing spaces

When we create open areas, we can choose several options: look for a contrast of colors and materials to contrast the different spaces or choose a similarity, with the same aesthetic line.

Those who prefer a differentiation between rooms, although they share the same space, can bet on mixed floors, walls of different colors or even the use of different materials. For example, a white kitchen with metallic elements and a modern lounge with dark tones and a wooden floor.

On the other hand, if we look for a continuity between spaces, we must consider the use of colors. The white, beige and earth tones give a lot of warmth and harmony providing a sense of order and cleanliness.


The new rustic-modern

If we focus on the kitchen area, we can see a wide repertoire of styles: from industrial and surrealist kitchens to delicate countertops and minimalist cookers. However, from today on, we will see that the rustic-modern style will conquer the new proposals of kitchens, facing the trend in-city life.

The new gold trend

The gold, faithful representative of the sun, wealth and power, appears in homes to proclaim itself as the new must have in terms of interior design. Throughout history, the gold color has been considered as the reference of royalty, strength and religious cults, as we can see in the halos and artefacts of different gods.

More and more, we will see how the gold is gaining presence in the details of the most glorious houses. Today we will talk about the different ways to introduce this tone in the house.


Golden details

Nowadays we do not need to have large surfaces with golden tones to present a home with glamour and elegance, but it is enough to opt for small decorative pieces to get a cosy atmosphere in a subtle way.

In the living room you can choose to apply the gold on the seams of the cushions of a flat sofa or the legs of a classic-vintage sofa. It is also recurrent to bet on metallic central tables, with bronze tones attached by long and thin legs.  


Small large spaces

In closed spaces, such as the bathroom and the bedroom, we see a large repertoire of artefacts with golden details that help convey a lot of warmth, such as a glass pot with golden borders or a mirror defined by a golden frame. At the same time, we can choose to place small gold elements such as jars and taps to boast of a lustful bath, but without crossing the line of eccentricity.


Crown jewel

The lights, in turn, have become one of the key elements for gold decoration. From hanging bulb lamps to recessed lights, we discover how they can seduce us with more roasted and yellowish browns.

Regarding the kitchen, we will go to the cutlery to give it a Kitsch touch but very refined. With gold wrapped cutlery and plates with vintage ornaments we will give the most exquisite dinners.

How to decorate your home office area

With the arrival of new methods of work, it is increasingly common to find areas for the study and the execution of projects within the same home. Internet and technology have driven a great change in most sectors creating a very innovative environment and giving rise to home office spaces.

It is very important that these areas promote productivity to give the best of each and avoid low performances. Following up are some inspirational ideas.


Colours for your creativity

The colors of the work area can have a very important impact on the mood. Therefore, we will avoid those more strident like red or fuchsia and opt for studio walls covered in shades such as sage green, white, ivory and Oceanside – combining green and blue -.

On the other hand, those who opt for a more industrial and vintage style can give prominence to worn walls and bricks. These tones will help to enhance the creativity and relaxation of our mind and will favour our work results.


Eco decoration

Including natural and ecological elements always helps to clear the mind, so you can not miss a plant in the home office. Also, if there is a possibility, you can evaluate the option of placing the workspace near areas where natural light abounds to improve the quality of the view.

For the night work it is ideal to opt for original lights such as the pendant light bulb, which will give it a very modern and sophisticated look.


Order and art

The order is very important to structure the ideas and improve the effectiveness, for that reason we will choose to implement a shelf on minimalist style with a series of folders to organize our work.

On the other hand, we can give our home office an artistic brushstroke as a source of inspiration. Pictures in view and boards with different images will give a lot of character to our workplace.

Fusion decoration: African-chic

Africa, the supposed progenitor continent of the history of humanity contains a great history and is a great influence in the world of interior decoration and architectural design. A dose of African culture fused with Mediterranean aesthetic reflects the excellence of a discipline that unites us all: art.

Below we will specify some of the guidelines to bring an African and current air to the home, with the great wealth from the lands of our neighbour continent.


Ethnic decoration

One of the main characteristics of the African style is its ability to create unique and emblematic pieces. The ideal is to combine some of the best objects of the African culture with a modern and minimalistic structure to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Some elements such as ceremonial masks, juju hats, musical instruments, human figures, feathers, symbolic photographs of elephants and bracelets, are unique and clearly make a difference, with high doses of ethnic style.

To avoid a very crowded environment, it is advisable to opt for white walls with some detail in black, such as the edges of the windows. It is also important to emphasize the plants, representative symbol for the effect of nature in Africa.


The colors of the tribe

The colors of the heart of Africa are linked to the richness of its fertile lands, so it is common to use shades such as red, yellows, gold, ochre and brown in all its variations. Sometimes it is also possible to find the green colour with a very dark propensity.

These colors are represented in carpets, decorative figures, furniture and decorative blankets.


Materials in combat

The natural materials are a condition for the African style, in this way, we will look for furniture made with wicker, ebony, rattan and wood of 100% natural origin.

On the other hand, for decorative elements, skins, clay, ceramics, animal bones, boogolian fabrics and raffia leaves will prevail, among many other materials.

A dip inside your home

Indoor pools are very desirable places in homes, either because of the calm they transmit or because of the pleasure they evoke of immersing themselves in water and feeling peace and tranquillity.

The concept of swimming pool goes back to the word piscis – fish in Latin – which was based on a structure full of water where fish that ate the larvae of insects were deposited, in order to cleanse the water. From then on, a velar evolution of the perception of the pools has been seen, going through a great variety of designs.

Next, we collect the three styles of indoor pools that best fit any home.


A sandstone and bamboo sanctuary

The elongated pools with a very sinuous boho touch are one of the most desired bets. They combine spaces where the white takes centre stage with very soft tones that evoke the eco trend, such as bamboo canes, woody walls or high-draft plants.

It is committed to creating a contrast with turquoise water sustained on sandstone structures with greyish tones and there is a clear inclination for the heated pools with wide waterfall that provide a very attractive SPA effect.


Between crystals

For homes with views of infarctions, it is preferable to opt for swimming pools with crystal structures to give an innovative optical effect. There are two types of unique bases: the same glass that is used to limit the hall effect pool or polished micro-cement with an industrial and modern touch.

Ideally, look for structures with a very linear and selected geometric spaces.


Full majesty

Finally, there are majestic pools combined with modernist soft tones; it is common to find very flattened structures with pillars that hold the pool area with floors and walls covered in white marble and grey cracks.

We will cover the entire area with white colors, except for the pool that will stand out for its light blue and dark grey complements and we will add some hammocks and a table with wavy finishes. It is also interesting to opt for white curtains with fall to separate the different hammocks and create intimate spaces.                       

Basic information to get right with your facade

Thanks to the large number of portals that deal with architecture, design, interior construction and others, we are perfectly informed about the latest interior trends, the best accessories and colors for each type of property, the most coveted furniture, etc. However, we rarely receive information about the most impressive facades of the 21st century.

For this reason, today we will talk about some of the best options for facades as well as their qualities to achieve a unique and very special touch.

If we go back several decades, the perception of the facade was based on the need to cover personal space in order to create a family niche. This means that facades were not seen as an aesthetic element of the house.

As we have evolved they have come into play with concepts such as design, architecture and aesthetic, our perspective has taken a 360º turn.


Modern Structures

Facades are characteristic for being one of the areas where the first visual impact is everything. The facade transmits a first impression about the home and can even help us see what’s inside.

Currently and for a few years, we see facades with 90º finishes, straight lines and a very cubic structure. The minimalist shapes provide elegance and modernism; an example of this is found in the sloping roofs.

Another trend that overflows in the current facades is based on the union of different cube-shaped blocks, from smaller to larger, creating a pyramid effect.


Palette of materials

The range of materials and coatings for the exterior walls is infinite. However, the most used to create spectacular facades are stone, wood, cement, metal, glass and brick.

The stone varnished in white combines perfectly with wood; the cement along with the brick and some reliever coating form a super tandem and the glass along with the natural stone and metal are the idyllic mix.

The mixed floor trend in the heart of our homes

Today we will talk about a unique trend that is sweeping the homes of the moment: the combined or mixed soils. As simple as joining two pavements covered in different materials, creating a very particular aesthetic. Likewise, we can find this style on some walls, normally as a continuation of the engraving chosen for the floor.

Combined floors are the best option against indecision on household coatings. Why not to put together wood and hydraulic tiles? The combinations are endless.


The best of the mixed floors

For lovers of open spaces without conventional divisions, mixed floors help to visually divide the places of the house by visually enlarging the size of the rooms. In addition, by dispensing with some walls, the home is more illuminated making the most of sunlight.

This innovative trend can be found in any area of the house. However, it is usual to use it as a delimiter in the area between the dining room and the kitchen as well as in corridors – to attract attention – and in some area of the bathroom.         


The perfect mix

To choose the right combination we have to let our imagination fly and be original with the great variety of materials, shapes and colours.

Within the mixed floor we find different forms: the gradient, strips, checkered, by zones, with hexagonal prints getting a “puzzle effect”, etc. depending on the area we will choose one way or another. For example, in bathrooms we will bet by a mixture by zones and in corridors to strips.


Materials in combat

Among the great multitude of mixtures, we find wood with hydraulic tiles or stoneware as a must for many interior designers. However, the incorporation of microcement, marble and porcelain with wood and hydraulic tiles is also contemplated.

The hexagons as geometrics shapes working on these materials, will give a talk in the trend of the most modern design.

Marble-Trend Bathrooms

Marble, material that represents beauty, strength and elegance, gains strength and becomes a must in the interior decoration of the new season. It is a historical element and protagonist of sculptures such as Venus de Milo and David by Michelangelo that refers us to the ancient Imperial Rome.

Without a doubt marble is present in most of today’s buildings, standing out in some areas as the bathroom, where it comes to a lot of life.

A unique material full of vitality

The uniform, mottled and cracked colorations are some of the greatest accomplices in the popularity and pleasure that marble brings in our societies. Each of its colours, textures and finishes take us to the most sophisticated places of Ancient Greece, where art was a path to survival.

Currently, the bathroom is the area of the house where there is usually a greater presence of this wonderful material. The most modern and current have the marble trend in sinuous colours like Black & White, but even so, depending on the chosen decoration we will be diverted to colours like red, bottle green, gray or navy blue. 


An exemplary finish

If we opt for polished marble, we must be able to appreciate the finishes of the structures: straight countertops with curbs at 90º accompanied by open-air showers and panoramic mirrors without borders, which will represent the freshness and modernity of the 21st century.

Likewise, lovers of the total look trend can choose to fill all spaces in the purest Renaissance style with modern touches.

Trending floors

Many times, we forget the importance of the bases that hold our walls. We obviate the primordial to cling to the complements of our environment. For that reason, we will greet the trendiest floors that our homes will shine from now and on.

Custom floors to detail, presidential ceramics and wood will be the three protagonists to get a home with modern and cosmopolitan style.


Optical game for your feet

It is increasingly common to find homes in which neutrality and contrast are combined. For this reason, it is preferable to opt for floors where colour is the best ally, betting on tiles and mosaics with warm colours - like red - and cold - like blue - to create fun and modern environments.

The geometric and floral designs treated with delicacy and dexterity will give a unique result reinforcing one of the most daring trends so far: combined floors.


Flawless soils

Another material that we will find this season to give us a classic-elegant tone, are stoneware and ceramics. In addition to the brightness and resistance that these floors transmit to us, we must highlight its simplicity in terms of maintenance.

On the other hand, we can opt for greyish colours and darker shades to achieve a metallic, smooth and industrial appearance look.


Classic Wood

For the most classic, wood is presented as a must in interior design. The shades that can cover the laminate floors are in an endless range, which goes from black to white.

A few years ago, soft colours were number one of the wish list; Later, it was the dark colours. In the case of ecological houses, where plants take great importance creating a very botanical environment, it is ideal.

Surrealism, the art to survive

In the surrealist style, the range of artists is like an endless tunnel. It is a movement that emerged in France in the decade of the 20s, where the enigmatic and the chaos appear in the most emblematic works.

From icons like Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso, through Joan Miró and René Magritte among many others, a world is built to escape from reality. A parallel universe without rules or barriers, where chaos is order and the forbidden is allowed. On the other hand, surrealism has inspired great designers, referring to homes with great force.


The order of disorder

When we talk about homes in the purest surrealist style we think of very ornate and inelegant homes, and this is a very non-objective perception. Art opens our eyes and helps us see the things as we want.

To procreate the surreal art in your home, you just have to dive into this style and find the perfect balance. We will begin with the sinuosity of the white color on the walls, which will help to enhance the contrast of all the elements that will complete the spaces.


The artistic cradle

Everything that completes our four walls is presented as a must to achieve an artist's home. The paintings will be our best allies, but we have to watch how we distribute them. If we have large spaces we will place two or three paintings; in small spaces, we will have only one piece.

Prodigious lamps with colours such as yellow, red and blue will give life to surrealism along with their structures with geometric airs. We can also choose majestic bicolour armchairs to give a more calm and sophisticated tone.


In Wonderland

The furniture with atypical shapes supported by animal rugs will help us get into the world like Alice in Wonderland and see beyond the natural.

As a final point and for lovers of the eco-friendly trend, we can incorporate some mysterious plants such as Heliconia, Croton and Calathea.

All we need is green

This season, more than ever, we will greet the green color, ready to enter our homes with great force. We will not only use it as a symbol of calm and serenity, but as an icon of style and design.

In representation of life, fertility and good health, green sets off from great history and importance in the evolution of humanity. Formerly, unlike now, it was considered a primary colour for its symbolism and not for its origin when mixing blue and yellow. More value was given to the effect that the colours transmitted, both on a psychological and visual level.

Landing in the most prodigious homes, we find a great diversity of styles and trends that give a sense to current homes. One of these is named after the green style.


Green hope

This 2018 doors have been opened for green and its shades. Within the whole range that represents this colour, we will see much presence of a darker tone combined perfectly with a very soft environment.

Marble countertops covered in Indian green on a greyish base will have much prominence in the kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, this combination of colors will also be reflected in the decoration of the home with small pots to bring freshness.


Invincible coatings

The upholstery can be a key point to create an atmosphere of comfort and style. Likewise, the sofa will be dressed in green to move us to the classic-modern trend.

For the defenders of light fabrics such as beige on the sofas, we will resort to contrast with green cushions with golden edges, being a must to wear with the head held high.

On the other hand, the chairs and armchairs are impressive to everyone's eyes for their daily use, in this way, we will lean towards green basil upholstery and coverings to enjoy all the meals in the best way.

Last, but not least, gold, yellow and garnet would be the three most appropriate colours to combine with the protagonist of the day, green.

General tips for achieving a current living room

Giving rise to the era of immediacy, creativity and technology, we find ourselves at a point where design encompasses a disproportionate diversity and imagination. Thanks to the large number of tools we have, we have the possibility of creating our most desired home and environment.

Have you ever considered the living room as one of the main areas of the house? Without no doubt, it is the perfect sanctuary to read, write or receive our favorite guests. Therefore, we can’t forget its importance.

As parents often say, 'everything comes back', and they aren’t wrong. The modern and simple living rooms join the vintage trends to get a casual look.


The color of life

In the 2018 living rooms we meet the combination of neutral tones with hints of color, such as grey or ‘nude’ sofas paired with burgundy red pillows.

The sunny yellow, the dark blue and green in all its nuances will be highlighted. These colors can also be displayed as geometric shapes in carpets, armchairs, blankets and tables.

However, the gilded brass details will give majesty and glamor to our environment.


The center of the warmth

The concrete can be an option as your floor or your living room main material, giving it firmness and a brushstroke of modernity. In turn, this material will be perfectly combined with dark wood furniture and straight details.

The furniture in general will be held by straight and thin legs with a narrow tendency, such as the Whisbone chairs, a clear trend for this year.

We make the difference

The details can mark a before and an after, so we can decorate our home with a painting of botanical motif, such as an illustrated page with an Adam’s Rib plant.

Then we can focus on small plants, candles fitted with gold, decorative plates and some tropical patterns to give a boho chic effect.


How to achieve a Nordic noble style

The trend to present your home as noble and lordly is called Nordic style. Emerging from the cold of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark at the beginning of the 20th century, it has ended up being the jewel in the crown for interior decoration in Europe and even worldwide.

To this style is added a somewhat stately air with regal spaces restored to acquire greater presence. In addition, light is emphasized as an essential feature for the Nordic European countries. In this way, it seeks to counteract the low light that can be in these cold places with light colors, especially in walls.


Home approaches

As we have mentioned, darkness is not an option for a Nordic house. The white, leader in the range of colors, is paired by gray and beige. However, black can be another alternative to create a more sophisticated environment.

On the other hand, we will choose woody tones with a livelier tendency, choosing beech and birch for furniture and floors.


The geometric design of your corners

We contemplate straight and simple forms with sinuous curves transmitting practicality and order. This vibe will be reflected in tables, cabinets, carpets and especially in the kitchen. A place where linear symmetry has a lot of transcendence.

For those who have doubts when choosing a chair model there is the option of the Eames Plastic Chair, a great work of art made by the designers Charles and Ray Eames, who will recreate the home in true Nordic style.


The mix clubs

Vintage style can give a special touch to your home. We welcome pieces with alternative styles to give you your personal ‘feeling’. Find a Chester style sofa and let your room shine by itself.

Minimalism: Less is more

Minimalism is defined as an artistic movement created in the 60s and directed by Richard Wolheim, British philosopher and big defender of the visual arts. Minimalism main objective is using the minimum, that is, only fundamental elements, avoiding object accumulation.

Space management is very important for homes with minimalist style. However, the reduced places are no barrier to this leading tendency of the modern times.

Over the years, this art in which "less is more" has been adapting to different styles, traditions and disciplines such as fashion and gastronomy. Therefore, it is very common to find minimalist aspects in diverse areas.


The tranquility foundation

Order and perfection are some of the sensations transmitted by the minimalist houses’ structures. Walls soaked in pure and calmed white that contrast with corners where black or pearl gray predominates.

To enhance our environment we will avoid, as much as possible, an overload of doors, choosing to connect the different areas of the house such as the kitchen and the living room to each other. On the other hand, we can achieve a more elegant look with doors "exposed" or simply leaving a part of the wall with its original appearance.


90-degree furniture

The furniture in the interior design world is one of the most important resources to change our home atmosphere. Straight, elegant and simple lines are some of the most characteristic features of minimalist furniture. Predominant tones such as dark brown, beige, black, white and pearl gray.

It should be noted that we don’t have to take literally the perfection of furniture with 90º lines. We can choose, for example, pikes and oval chairs that give a distinctive and unique touch.

Low pieces with metallic or glass legs are the ‘must’ of modern art, without forgetting the touch opening system, a very promising trend.

New York style is in!

Landing in the 21st century ‘big apple’, we return home to feel the real New York style. One of the greatest styles representing the cultures and fashions diversity that coexist in a city such as New York. An impressive trend that catches the eye of everyone and with great presence on the big screen, reaching the whole world with its trendiness and elegance.

The factory style inspired by traditional and industrial workshops has collided with the New York indoors, showing its great old structures. We welcome open spaces with high ceilings, bright interiors and white as the main tone to create our platonic home.


Live the wall

A very important element to give your house a New York vibe are the brick walls. This material should be combined above all with white, gray or woody earth tones. Also, we would have large minimalist windows that illuminates our home in a natural way avoiding overloading it with artificial lights. The best options are smooth windows to keep close to Brooklyn’s heart.

Art is a very important part of the city that never sleeps. Painters, publicists, sculptors, actors and singers have contributed to defining the idea we have about the New York style. This discipline of which we speak is manifested with elements such as a great “retro style” fan, antlers, metallic accessories and even musical instruments such as a saxophone.

And as last, but not least, the paintings. Paintings are a clear manifestation of our thoughts and what we want to say, so we need to give the touch to our home to complete it in true New York style.


New York Style decoration for your furniture

All this art is reflected with a more sinuous air in the furniture of the house. Focus on minimalist and modern pieces that evoke a retro-modern style and combine them with a piece of strong colors to emphasize with elegant contrasts.

One of the techniques to create a higher impression is through the use of furniture. Look for low pieces that are close with the ground and you will create an effect where you will end up gaining height in the walls. As much as it may seem a space with many contrasts, its order and cleanliness what we are trying to achieve.

The road to cubism

Modern designs have become one of the most desired trends for homes with exclusive interiors. With the passage of time we seek to find the most peculiar elements trying to achieve a personal and revolutionary vibe. White spaces, clean and straight lines are some of the cubism features, the modern art trend that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, spearheaded by Pablo Picasso.

Modern cubism combines soft tones in contrast with blacks, violets, greens and oranges, trying to create a visual game with shapes and colors.


Simplicity for your mind

Cubism seeks to magnify itself being displayed within the limits of the simplicity and finesse of the geometric forms. This desire to reaffirm Cubism as art is remarkable in the materials, installations and decorative ornaments.

Straight lines, circles and squares in search of a symmetry and balance represent the purity of this style.



Materials such as leather, glass, iron and wood are frequent in the cubist house furniture. The leather is present, especially, in the most modern and trendy sofas along with the glass for high standing lamps. In addition, we find dining rooms with wooden furniture with a minimalist style.

One of the furniture with the greatest representation of cubism is the couch, similar to a sofa, but with a decorative character.

Zen Style

The Zen trend inspired by the oriental style is based on a harmonious environment and is associated with concepts such as tranquillity, order, peace and simplicity. This concept is translated as “meditation” and is originated nu the school of Buddhism, where the decoration with Buddha figures, stones and plants is justified. The Zen trend is not only based on quiet and simple places, but also focuses on a lifestyle.



Zen-style homes have a lot of connection with nature and show great commitment to using earth colours combined with white, beige, grey and some pink. The wood or grey cement floor are guaranteed options to show off your home in pure Zen style, and above all do not forget to use simple furniture, with well-finished lines. Symmetry and cleanliness are very important pillars to breathe serenity and achieve complete relaxation of your own mind.

The decoration in excess is not an option to achieve that harmony you want to reach, so that decorative objects that can disperse the mind are reduced to a minimum.


Touching the floor

The furniture is a reflection of each person’s personal style, choosing tatami beds or futons as a manifestation of Zen expression. Personal rest is an essential concept in the Buddhist philosophy reflected in simple, orderly rooms with very minimalist elements.


Breathing calm

Furniture made from natural elements such as bamboo and wood occupy the number one priority of the home. Plants such as bonsai, vases, ceramics, fountains and elements with rattan, wicker and bamboo are reborn to achieve a clean and stress-free design. The smell of nature helps us to move our body in an atmosphere of relaxation, using oils, natural fragrances and soft incenses.

RAW decoration

Although there are many decorative typologies, the Raw style – or what we could literally translate as crude decoration – is a relatively new, fresh, uneven formula whose simplicity has become one of its best assets.

For those looking for a unique and notably style with a casual and very special touch, this will become your favourite style.


A natural decoration

Without a doubt, it is essential to begin with the white colour and the light tones to start planning the new style of the property. From there, the rest of the elements can be placed.

Part of this simplicity comes from the need to create an open space, clean, without environmental noise and that gives off a feeling of well-being.

It is important to note that most of the decoration included in the home will be natural and untreated. Wood, for example, is likely to be cracked and contains rough textures since it is barely treated. With these characteristic traits is intended to bring warmth to the environment.


Warm and without frills

Although at first, the decorative line of the Raw may seem cold, the inclusion of materials such as wood, reduce this effect.

Also, decorative elements such as fabrics, plants, flowers, bowls, etc. are the ones that bring more warmth. Nevertheless, we must know how to moderate its use so that there is no negative effect and an overloaded environment.

Preferably it is better to use dry materials and light tones: esparto, rope and rugs are a good choice. Wooden benches, large wall clocks and wicker baskets are also key elements.

Decoration for the kids

The decoration is a key point and to consider when one enters to live in a new home. Thanks to it you can get unique and wonderful spaces – regardless of whether the space we have is large or rather small –.

In this post we are going to focus on the rooms for children considering that, from very small, it is recommended that they have their own space in which they feel comfortable. A space with light tones, natural light, study area… are some key points that should not be overlooked since, well worked, can have a positive impact on the child.


Distribution of study space

It is necessary that all children always have their own bedroom, and in addition, an area enabled for study. This can be found inside the room or in another area of the property.

Parents are the ones who decide based on what they think is the most optimal. A study area in their own room allows them to be more comfortable, relaxed and without noise. However, parents are prevented from watching them closely.  On the other hand, if the work table is in the living room, you can exercise greater control over the children, to know what they are doing.


The importance of light

To say that children are easily distracted is a reality that we all know. For this reason, it is necessary that the place authorized for their study contain the minimum potential distractions and, if possible, have natural light.

The more comfortable and pleasant your space, the better. A large table, a comfortable armchair, shelves for orderly books and other materials…


Their little big space

For your space to be unique you have to consider several factors:

  • Make it free from noise and distractions: no TV, music, video games or other distractions of this kind
  • That you have all the necessary material by hand (pencils, books, colours, glue, scissors...)
Planning and distributing your bedroom

The bedroom is the place in your house where comfort and well-being comes first. That’s why designing a pleasant space that invites you to enjoy your time there is basic.

Even though it´s normally a room without much furniture and with “limited” options, there are different ways to achieve a charming space, perfect for anyone.


A correct planning

Planning and designing your bedroom shouldn´t be much different from any other space in your home. To avoid errors and mistakes it´s important to start with doing a planning of the available space and the decorative ideas that you have in mind.

We should pay attention to any corners, windows, built-in closets, electrical sockets, balconies, terraces and doors there might be. Once we have contemplated all these important details, it´s time to choose the decorative style that we prefer, as well as the furniture that would suit the room best and where we would put them.


The essential furniture

Even though everyone has their own preferences when it comes to organizing their bedroom, the bed is – for obvious reasons – the most important actor in this play. It´s around the bed that we will place the rest of the furniture, that will also get an important role.

One of the main points of the whole process is to decide the style of the furniture, achieving consistency in the rooms decoration. It´s very important to maintain a similar style to the rest of furniture, colors and shapes of your home.

After this, we should come back to the planning and decide where to locate the furniture. In case of closets there are several options to choose between: built-in, external or just a clothing rack, although the latter is a more daring bet.

Consistency and coherence are the main ingredients for a great result.


 A more practical bedroom.

What traditionally was seen as just another room in your house has now turned into one of the most important and looked after spaces. Nowadays there are people that work from home, choosing the bedroom to keep up with their everyday routine; others choose to watch TV from their bed out of convenience.

If you also decide to go for a more practical bedroom, we would recommend you design a space in accordance to your needs, without much furniture y leaving space for movement. A space that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and centered in your everyday life.

Walls, far beyond paint and paper

With the pass of time, in all sectors new fashion, styles and designs turns up, and arquitecture and interior design is no exception.

In any home, the walls, even though they are normally given less importance than what they deserve, are a key element when it comes to recreating different ambiences.

Plaques, wood details, mirrors and vinyls are some of the latest trends which have caused that smooth and wallpapered walls have been pushed into the background.


Wood, a welcoming material

Wood facings allow adding an extra human warmth to any home, an important point if your house is located in a cold area, since it can counterbalance this effect.

It´s important to highlight that it´s not necessary to cover the whole wall with this material, you can add it in irregular shapes and even in different tones, avoiding excess. Wooden walls are easily combined, therefore mirrors or other sparkly decoration are perfect allies.


Steel and plaques

Covering the walls with metallic plaques – usually aluminum -, metals or other cold elements is another formula that has been given an increasing importance lately.

These kind of materials give a more commercial look to your home, completely the opposite from what we suggested before. Normally, the industrial style is the one that uses aluminum as the main material.


Bricks: antique and versatile.

Being the basic element used for the construction of most buildings, nowadays it has also turned into a main element while decorating your home.

Bricks offer infinite possibilities. The lighter versions are mostly used in spaces with natural light, meanwhile the darker models are normally used to create combinations of colors, mosaic and patterns.

If combined correctly, bricks can create a rustic and industrial feel to your home.


Marble, light and simple.

Although it had its peak in the mid 20th century, marble has had a recent come-back, turning into a trend.

We understand that this is mainly because of the simple care and the attributes of its composition. Even though it´s not a cheap element, if you use it only in certain spaces such toilets, shelves and walls, it´s affordable.

Without doubt, marble gives a sensation of spaciousness, hygiene and serenity, turning it into a very desirable material.


Avoid basic mistakes while decorating your house

When starting a new project with your partner, moving to a new place or redecorating your long term home, it´s quite common to commit mistakes during the decorations process. Even though some of them might be of no importance, there are others that we should avoid, since they could turn into a long term problem.

A correct and suitable planification is essential so that you don´t put yourself in this situation. Below we will name a few basic rules:


Light, colors and shapes

Although these are basic and easy concepts, many people don’t put enough attention on them, which might turn into mistakes that will affect you on the long term. The most crucial one is not keeping in mind if you future home has natural light, or where it falls and during which times of the day, so that you can distribute the spaces accordingly.

It´s essential to know each corner of the house so that you can get the most out of it and avoid costly changes in the future.

On the other hand, the colors of the walls and the shapes of the rooms is another important factor. You should try to avoid falling into impulse when choosing the color scheme of your home, going for more neutral tones that doesn´t tire you or go out of fashion. When it comes to shapes, it´s very important to calculate the right measures so that the furniture fits correctly.


A mix of styles

Nowadays, there are many decorative styles to choose between from all over the world, which makes it more difficult to make up your mind. The result might be a disaster: a home with various incompatible styles living together in the same space.

Ideally, we should decorate our home following only one, maximum two, styles. Even though some styles are a little more flexible, you shouldn´t exaggerate.


Plants for sure, but avoid artificial.

Plants are a quite new form of decoration, or at least the use of plants in most of the spaces in your home. Natural plants give oxygen, color and it can even turn into a small hobby. 

However, some people prefer artificial plants because of lack of time, something that a priori isn´t much of an inconvenience. The problem is when we go too far, since they accumulate dust, some might look really artificial and it can be quiet dull.

That´s why it´s recommended to make use of seasonal flowers and plants, offering dynamism and changing tones to your home.

The return of the Mid-Century Modern

For those who still haven´t heard about the term “Mid Century”, it´s a type of decoration – with origins in mid-20th century – that stands out because of the supremacy of natural materials and has now turned into one of the most followed trends when it comes to interior decorations. In decoration, as in the fashion industry, all trends tend to come back.

To turn your home into a Mid-Century reference you have to follow a few basic rules:


From the outside to the inside

In Mid Century decoration, nature is an important influence, which should be reflected in the interior of the property.

This is the reason why you should connect the outside of your home with the inside, through different natural elements such as plants and flowers, wood and stones.


The most common textiles

This particular style has several distinctive elements that makes it easily recognizable. Walls, tapestries and fabrics stand out for their repetitive patterns, with a striking visual impact. 

Even though the decoration at first sight could look like it would create monotony or fatigue in your home, if used in moderation it can actually work against it.

It’s recommended to use these patterns occasionally around the house, a small detail of forms and colors here and there to give a touch and continuity to each room.


Iconic decoration for your furniture

The decoration from the mid-20th century stands out because of innovation, which is reflected in the use of furniture. The clean, yet not simple decoration, based on iconic elements.

Victorian style is back. Transform your house in a palace

No doubt, the Victorian trend is returning - full of novelties and surprises - to stay. For those who don’t know, it’s an English style that, without reaching the decorative and ostentatious extremes of its baroque predecessor, also provides colourful elements, a wide range of hues and a big number of luxurious materials. It basically recreates the fashion of the Victorian era English palaces.

For those who love changes and want to bring the decoration of their house to a new scenario, we try the main points of reference of this trend.


The role of England

England is one of Europe’s main countries. In the interior design and decoration world, for example, the United Kingdom has a very important weight, especially if we go back to the nineteenth century, a time when the Victorian style had its moment.

At that time, the most recurrent colours to adorn the nobility palaces were white, grey and beige, that were complemented by darker hues such as other, blue or green.

Currently the tones remain the same. However, pastel colours - like rosewood - as well as garish colours - like fuchsia - have been gaining ground.


Luxury in materials and fabrics

In both textile materials and structures, the Victorian style has a remarkable number of ornate elements. The fabrics and sofas are impregnated with powerful prints that give colour and vitality to the rest of the elements that, as always, must be in harmony with the whole.


High ceilings and white light, another key point

The light and the ceilings are important if we want to recreate the old Victorian style. As a general rule, the mouldings and decorative pieces combine with the ceiling, while the light comes from large lamps that point out the centre of the room.

Feng Shui: learn how it influences your house decoration

Feng Shui is not a decorative style, nor a Chinese tradition, but an art that analyzes how the space around us affects our daily life and our well-being. The literal translation is about wind and water, prominent elements in this kind of decoration.

There are several techniques to make your house a comfortable place to be. Open spaces, mirrors, energy flows, plants or flowers are some of the fundamental keys to start decorating a room characterized by its tranquility.


The importance of simplicity

Feng Shui is characterized by the simplicity of the elements, the open spaces and the free circulation of energies. The scarcity of objects, therefore, is one of its fundamental features.

This characteristic is evident throughout the property, especially at the entrance, considered one of the key points. It must be free of furniture, shelves, paintings and any other striking object. However, it is also a good idea to decorate it with mirrors and plants.

Any object that hoards or pools energies is not welcome in this Asian style. Feeling calm and positive is fundamental.


The importance of nature

For the lovers of this popular Asian style, nature has an important relevance over the rest of the elements. According to its main supporters, the renewable energy must be present in almost any room of the house.

They create a state of positivism, tranquility and allow the energies to circulate without stagnation.


Goodbye negative energies

It is important that light enters naturally and can be regulated through blinds or curtains to avoid the presence of negative energies. The latter can escape with the use of candles or with a little salt that will have to be collected after 24 - 48 hours.

Open spaces, natural elements, simple decoration and natural light are the cornerstones of this cool style that will help you to achieve great peace and well-being.

Open kitchen: pros and cons

What emerged to maximize the kitchen space at the beginning of the 21st century, has recently become a trend that grows every day. Choosing an open kitchen has pros and cons so, before starting the reform works, you must learn them to make the most educate choice, always depending on your specific needs.


Open kitchen, design and space

Space. This is without a doubt the most valued feature of this kind of kitchens. Eliminating the wall that separates the two different spaces – usually the kitchen and the living room - allows us to achieve a much more pleasant and comfortable open space in which the distribution of furniture does not overwhelm us.

Normally, to delimit both spaces, we opt for an American bar. This type of bar gives us the chance of cooking without losing sight of possible guests who are enjoying a pleasant chat sitting in the sofa of the living room.


Open kitchen and its cons

Despite the modern and current design of open kitchens, it should be noted that this relatively new trend has some important cons you should consider.

Odors are one of its great disadvantages. Not having a wall or structure that separates the kitchen from the living room makes having a large fume extractor a priority, if we want to eliminate all odors. However, for those who never cook at home this is not a problem. Therefore, each case must be analyzed individually.

Before deciding what kind of kitchen is the best suited of our new home, it is important to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of the open kitchen.

Flooring for the bathroom, stylish solutions

Facing works in the house, remodeling or decorating a bathroom is much more complex and laborious than it may seem at first. Floors, furniture, pipes, mirrors... Every little detail must be analyzed exhaustively and with precision, assessing the pros and cons involved, in order to achieve successful results.

Today we review the most populat pavements and with more demand in the current market. Different options that can be adapted to very different styles.


Micro cement, serious and formal

The micro cement is one of the most popular options in the 2017 - 2018 season reforms. It is a floor that presents many advantages, from its elegant and subtle appearance to its easy maintenance and high functionality.


Wood and laminates, similar but not identical

Although wood and laminates have a very similar aesthetic, the difference between the two lies in the installation.

On one hand, the laminate are layers of flexible wood that can be easily installed and that give the home a warmth and closeness vibe. On the other hand, the wood brings a twist of nobility appearance with a sophistication twist. However, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the bathroom, this material is not one of the most appropriate options since maintenance is much more complicated in an environment that tends to be much more humid than the rest of the house.


Hydraulic tiles, a classic

Maybe this is the most recurrent viewed option. And not only in private buildings but also in bars, restaurants, hotels and a long etcetera.

It is a resistant material, easy to clean and that gives you the possibility of highlighting the style of the bathroom thanks to its geometric decoration.


Natural stone, the most neutral option

To go one step further in the renovation of the property, the natural stone - in any of its slopes and colors - is perfect for bathing. In dark tones will give the bathroom a twist of distinction and facilitate cleaning it. In light tones will give brightness and clarity to the environment.

Parisian style

Globalization is a concept that goes far beyond the global macroeconomies. It is also all kinds of trends and styles moving from country to country, leaving their mark in local culture, fashion, interior decoration trends and even our way of life. In this context, the Parisian style is once again a world trend.

The colors, shapes and high ceilings are part of its identity, as well as the use of noble wood and the purest Baroque style twist. Combining materials and textiles in the right amount is the key to keep in mind if you want to transport the Champs Elysees to your living room.


Blend of textiles and materials

If you want to discover this style and take it to your home, it is important to investigate and get inspired by the Parisian center apartments, characterized by their high ceilings and the use of carpets, with the goal of keeping a warm floor during Paris icy winters.

Carpets, therefore, are one of the basic decorative elements of this style. However, it should be noted that you can also choose tapestries and other textiles such as colorful cushions - especially red, gold and green.

Wood is one of the most popular materials thanks to its versatility, elegance and delicacy. Its ability to adapt to all types of real estate, whatever its size, make it the perfect ally to achieve a manorial and classy touch.


Classic lighting and other representative twists

Chandeliers are also a way of bringing the classism that Parisian style demands. Most of them are made of glass and have different extensions that give the house a twist of the purest Versailles style. This striking bright colored lamps must have a leading spot in your house.

In the same way, works of art and respect for the house’s original structure are other important aspects of the style.

Interior plants, a colourful solution

There are lots of appartments, penthouses and lofts that do not have a terrace or a garden to decorate with all kinds of plants and flowers. However, there are many ideas and easy, interesting and simple insights to enjoy the interior of a house well decorated and full of joy.


Cerimán, simple and exotic

For those who can’t afford to devote hours to the floral decoration of their house, the cerimán is one of the perfect plants to keep your home alive and cheerful, with very little care. They do not require an excessive light, nor a constant irrigation. It is enough to go check them from time to time. Its large green irregular-shaped leaves will give a twist of strength and colour to any corner of the living room, dining room or room.


Ivy, vitality and colour

Although it is usually present on the walls of buildings, Ivy can be a perfect ally to decorate the interior of a house. It does not need much care so you just have to worry about installing some guides so that the plant goes through the desired route.


Sansevieria, the independent plant

These pointy-shaped leaf plants are not only very original but also very practical and easy to garden. Those who are acquainted with the advice people that, the less they care, the better they will grow. They are medium-sized plants, ideal to display on shelves or on the center of a table, since they are simple to move, from one side to another. You can combine several of different sizes in colored pots to enhance a warm, quiet and cosy atmosphere.


Cactus, a basic at any home

In recent years, the cactus have acquired great value in homes. Its different shapes and sizes, its originality and its practically null care make it a perfect plant to accompany our dining room, office or workplace. In addition, it should be noted that it absorbs the radiation of televisions and laptops, so it’s not only limited to decorate the room.


The best tips to organize your garden

A house with a garden gives us the opportunity to exploit a space that not everyone has, giving our house a different style and a personal twist. Today we share with you the best tips to decorate and get the most out of it. It is important to assess its characteristics to maximize its virtues and minimize those aspects that you don’t like that much.


Organization and analysis

Since not all houses are the same, neither are all gardens, which have very different characteristics. When it comes to organizing the area it is important to decide which is the best spot to place different elements such as plants, playing areas for the kids or furniture. In order to produce a feeling of spaciousness it is a good idea to avoid overburden the garden.

It is important to analyse the characteristics of the home. Depending if you live in a very hot or very rainy city, this factor will determine the most optimal type of gardening and the furniture it should contain.


Plants, flowers and colours

To give colour and vivacity to your garden, the best way is through plants and flowers. It is important to choose them according to the climate of the city, with colours that combine with the rest of decorative elements.


Cactus and organic gardens, the latest in gardening

As if it was clothing fashion, gardening trends also change year after year. The cactus is an original plant that does not require much care and is easily found in different sizes and shapes. On the other hand, organic gardens, which in recent years are trending, give a different style.


Lights, the icing on the cake

The lighting allows the signalling and identification of spaces and, of course, the possibility of using the garden at night. There are dozens of formats, from small spotlights at ground level to spotlights to put between your plants and flowers through outdoor furniture that brings built-in lighting.

The ideal sofa

For many, the sofa - in the same way as the bed - is one of the most important investments when furnishing a house, leaving the rest in the background. But the bed does not have to be limited to be a beautiful and combinable element, but it is also necessary that it mixes practicality, comfort and functionality.

Regardless of the design, the number of seats, the fabric or the style, which must be in tune with the rest of the decoration, one of the most remarkable aspects that concerns most buyers is color.

Although the options are multiple, we will analyze the most outstanding ones, considering in which occasions they are preferable.


Big doses of lightness

The light tones are ideal for those cases where there is little space available. White or beige are two key colors that stand out for their versatility and ease when it comes to combining with any style, minimalist, classic or modern.

Both are timeless and have the great advantage of providing a large dose of light to the room. In addition, they combine perfectly with many colors, from the warmest to the coldest.


The elegance of dark tones

The navy blue, black and dark gray are three colors with a lot of personality that bring elegance and sophistication to the environment. They can be combined with other tones although neutrals are the best choice.

The rest of the furniture can be made of wood to achieve a harmonious, distinguished and very special atmosphere.


Bold trends

In those cases in which you can renovate the sofa more often, you can opt for more exclusive and eye-catching pieces, from sofas with bold and striking colors, such as yellow, red or orange, to those that follow modern trends as it is the case of those that include the patchwork technique, obtaining a unique and very original result.

Before making the purchase decision, there are factors that need to be assessed such as the amount of natural light that enters the room, the color of the walls, the prominence that we want the sofa to have, the possibility of getting dirty frequently if we have some domestic animal, etc.

Tips to get the best vintage style

In interior decoration, as well as in other areas such as fashion or design, the vintage style is understood as one that includes elements and furniture that, while maybe wouldn´t be cataloged as antiques, they recreate the splendor of older times.

During the last years its popularity has been increasing and there are many who have decided to give a 360 degree turn to their home opting for an old-fashioned atmosphere, with delicate yet romantic airs.


Furniture with a lot of personality

Tables, chairs, shelves, sofas ... it is very important to work on the furniture aesthetics to achieve a brilliant result that would transport ourselves to the past in each space of the home. The aged or worn-out furniture is a guaranteed success. If you have time - and you want - you can consider acquiring an old piece of furniture and restore it.

Otherwise there are many shops that sell a wide variety of retro style furniture. Keep in mind that there is furniture from the 50s and 60s such as furniture bars, dressers, cabinets or cupboards, among others. Thanks to these, the vibe will be better achieved.


Details that make a difference

The capitoné is, without a doubt, one of the most representative upholstery techniques of the 19th and 20th centuries. Even today, this trend has gone beyond the barriers of interior decoration to the fashion industry where it has taken a strong hold on some footwear collections and accessories, such as handbags and purses.

The aged leather Chesterfield sofa is the most iconic and most demanded element that follows this technique. It’s essential for those who want to achieve a more elegant style.

Other details that will help to recreate a vintage environment are the use of windows as shelves, to place books or plants; the incorporation of stained-glass windows in the doors; the use of wallpaper or the inclusion of decorative antique elements, such as drawer cameras.

Color trends for the façade

When we start living in a new luxury property, the decorative elements that are included in it become protagonists since they are from where the house is taking strength and personality, at the same time being able to transmit unique sensations. The style, the tonalities, the disposition in the space and the combination with the other objects present in the environment are some of the most relevant factors that allow to achieve a unique and exclusive residence.

However, despite the growing importance of interior decoration, we must not neglect that exterior aesthetics is also fundamental. Thus, the color and materials of the façade, the decorative objects of the garden or the porch are very important to achieve an excellent result.


Proposals for the façade

While it is true that there are many shades and combinations, we list some of the most versatile and trendy year after year:

  • Yellows and oranges: you can opt for a vibrant and striking tone especially recommended for second homes in areas with warm climates - or for a softer and more delicate shade that will adapt more easily to the environment, without being excessively daring. Both combine perfectly with furniture and earth-colored details.


  • Blue: it is very common that the houses located in coastal areas or fishing villages have details of intense blue color, in the purest Mediterranean style. However, there is also the possibility of opting for a more relaxed tone such as sky blue or turquoise, which will bring calmness and serenity. The blue and white duo form one of the best tandems.


  • White: it is an exceptional color in those cases in which you want to achieve a home that stands out for its delicate, calm and pure nature. It combines with all kinds of materials: from metal to create a modern and futuristic look to stone cladding, to get a more rustic look.


  • Wood: houses made of wood, or wood combined with stone are ideal for rustic style country houses. They create a calmed and very pleasant atmosphere.
Rustic on style

Peace, tranquility, well-being... these are just some of the adjectives used to express the sensations that those purest rustic style decorated high-standing buildings emanate, to the point that they gain more and more followers.

Although in the past this type of housing was characteristic in houses located in natural areas, nowadays it is no longer a sine qua non requirement. All this, thanks to the interior decoration powers, which allows the decorator to transport the tenants to different locations throughout their designs without moving from the same place. Sometimes even to different ages.

Today, there are those who choose to decorate the entire house under this same style. Others, however, prefer to apply it on a single space that, generally, ends up being the living room.


Warm materials and soft colors

To evoke this traditional atmosphere, with light country-style touches, it is important to consider the materials that will be used. The most recurrent are wood, stone, wicker and clay, which are often combined with textiles such as cotton, linen or wool. This fusion manages to create an ideal environment in which all the elements remain in perfect harmony.

Keep in mind that, when choosing colors, it is convenient to use tones related to nature: the brown of the earth, the green of the trees or the blue of the sky, in its softer variants.


Decorative elements

To achieve a rustic style, relaxed and with personality it is convenient to flee from abundance, leaving aside all that can be considered overloaded.

Preferably you should use simple elements that remain in tune with the furniture and the distribution of space, with the goal of finding the perfect balance. Wicker lamps, frames in worn wood, ceramic ware or plants are just some of the essentials that cannot be missing in a luxury home of this style.

How to take advantage of the terrace

The terraces are, without a doubt, one of the most craved features in large city homes. Having available a relaxation area in a city away from the noise, the stress and the accelerated pace of life, is a luxury that you must know how to take advantage of.

Regardless of whether it is a large or small terrace, the important thing is to maximize the available space while creating a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to spend good times with your family, friends or by yourself.


Elements to achieve a unique and special "paradise"

  • Bench: when there is little space available, a good option is to get a bench with drawers. This way, cushions, blankets and other textiles can be stored in the bottom, without having to store them in the house.


  • Furniture: in the same way that happens with the bench, if it is a small terrace, you must make the most of it. The builtin shelves, the wall umbrellas, the folding chairs or the extendable tables are just some examples of furniture that allow us to gain ground.


  • Vegetation: plants, flowers and small bushes are a fantastic choice considering that they create an environment full of harmony, life, peace and tranquility. So that they do not occupy too much space, an alternative is hanging them from the ceiling or to place them in a shelf with vertical flower pots.


  • Lighting: although during the day it is not necessary, throughout the night it becomes a key point. The dim lights are the most recommended because they create a pleasant and comfortable environment.


Of course, the terrace is a wonderful space that you must take care of and decorate with love so that it becomes a place where you can disconnect and enjoy good times.

Dichotomy Black & White

Since always, the Black & White duo has been considered one of the combinations that, aesthetically speaking, works best. And they are not only great allies in terms of decoration and interior design but also transferring it to other areas and sectors such as fashion, where their great relationship continues.


Smart homes with a cool vibe

This trend, which has been gaining followers over time, stands out for its ability to display an elegant and sophisticated image - attributes of black color - in an environment of calm, peace and tranquility that is achieved thanks to the predominance of white or neutral tones in walls and elements that we want to conceal, focusing the attention on others.

The versatility of this prestigious chromatic duo allows different results to be obtained depending on the decorative elements in the home. You can use a combination of modern elements that, as a result, will lead to a modern and innovative atmosphere or going for a simpler style, which will make you achieve a great minimalist vibe.


The balance of the mix

However, if there is something important when it comes to combining this powerful duo of colors, is the balance. Being two completely opposite tonalities and with a very marked "personality", it is necessary to find the proportion to achieve the harmony, making the two tones coexists with the rest of the elements displayed in the house.

Likewise, the inclusion of other materials and colors – with moderation so as not to lose the essence of the style - is a good resource to achieve perfect proportions. The old wood, bright elements and light green leaf plants are just some examples of elements that would help you to achieve the desired result.

Although each person can decorate their house to their taste, it is necessary to emphasize that there are specialists of the sector who advise their clients about the decoration, the distribution and the colors of the house. With the help of interior designers, it is possible to optimize time while obtaining a professional result in a short period of time.

Renting an appartment: furnished or not?

When renting a high standard apartment, one of the most frequent issues that most buyers consider is related to the equipment of the dwelling. In other words, whether if it is furnished or not.

There is no theory that indicates whether one option or another is better. Everything depends on the client, his needs and a series of tangible and intangible variables such as the budget he has or the timming for moving to the house, among others.

Therefore, each case must be treated custom and individually, since the factors that influence the interested party are different.


Furnished, comfortable and practical housing

Entering living in a fully furnished apartment has several advantages related to saving time and money considering that, if you opt for this option, it is not necessary to invest long hours in the purchase of furniture, assembly, decoration, etc. In addition, an extraordinary expense is avoided that, sometimes, is unnecessary.

  • Fully equipped: rent a house with furniture and electrical equipment included is a considerable financial savings because it allows you to abstain from expenses such as the purchase of sofas, beds, televisions, tables, chairs, etcetera.


  • Temporary stay: in those cases of uncertainty about the duration of the stay or that you know in advance that it will be for a short period of time, it is better to opt for this option.


Unfurnished homes, custom homes

Buyers who choose empty flats usually share a series of characteristics that distinguish them significantly from the group previously described.

  • Moving: if a move is made from one floor to another and it happens that the first furniture was already purchased, the key is to look for another floor unfurnished - of the same dimensions, or higher, so that everything fits.


  • Create a home: an unfurnished apartment can be decorated according to the tastes of the new tenant, adding a personal style. In addition, it gives the possibility of renewing the furniture as many times as necessary.
Industrial-Style Lofts

Fifty years after the appearance of the first lofts in New York, this category of real estate remains a very attractive option for high-end home buyers looking for a space that combines luxury, comfort and design.

Although in the beginning the lofts were residences of young artists and immigrants who could not afford the rent of an apartment in the skyscrapers city, with the course of time the buyer of this type of property has changed. Nowadays they are mainly luxury consumers.


The industrial style

Going back to its origins and, considering the type of tenant who lived there in the 50s, most of the lofts maintain that industrial style, like an old factory, given that they were warehouses transformed in house.

Diaphanous and spacious areas, brick walls, high ceilings with exposed beams and large windows are just some of the features that characterize these buildings that enjoy unpretentious architecture with simple structures and few materials.


New York vibe

Decorating a loft means - although not necessarily – investing on the industrial style. There are those who apply it to the whole house and others who only prefer some rooms.

In one case or another, there are certain details that must be present. Below we offer a short list of the most outstanding elements for your loft:


  • Exposed pipes and beams: leaving them in the outside - regardless of whether they are made of wood or metal - is a very recurring element.


  • Recycling furniture: no need to invest in new furniture since you just want to get the opposite effect. The recycled furniture, old or worn out are the ideal ones


  • Brick walls: in natural color or painted white. Both possibilities are accepted. There is even decorative paper to imitate the shape and texture of the bricks.


  • Iron, steel and wood: those are the perfect materials. Since most furniture have a metal structure that bring a cold sensation it is advisable to counteract it with pieces of wood.
The artist home

There are those who feel passion for art and constantly manifest it wherever they go, especially in their homes.

It does not matter if it is a house, an apartment, an attic, a town house, a mansion or a villa, what really matters is the content that exists inside each of these residences inhabited by art lovers.

Although there is currently a high percentage of people who choose simple and minimalist decorations, where the slogan "less is more" prevails, there are also those who love to fill with paintings, sculptures and photographs every corner of their respective homes. Without a doubt, a very creative way to openly express feelings and emotions.


Paintings, the key to sophistication

Behind each painting there is a story to tell. That’s why it is essential to find a suitable place to exhibit it and get the most out of it so that it manages to convey what the author wanted at the time he created it. Paintings are a basic element: they allow you to create elegant, sophisticated and classy environments.


Sculptures, from the classic to the transgressor

From the most classical Hellenistic Greek style, in which harmony and perfection reign up to the most transgressive, ambiguous and irreverent. Depending on the style and decoration of the home you can bet on one type of sculpture or another. The most important thing is keeping the same decorative direction according to the rest of the elements present in the house.


Pictures, images full of memories

If there is something that never - or almost never - fails in the houses, regardless of whether it is an artist's or not, it is the photos. All those true camera lovers can create authentic works of art of any size with their own photos, to exhibit both in the living room, as in the kitchen or the hall.

Pros and cons of living in a penthouse apartment


Over the last few years, penthouse apartments have become the most popular housing properties in the real estate market, above other types such as chalets or villas.

Although the construction cost is the same as the rest of the apartments, penthouse apartments usually have a higher price that can range between 20% and 40% more. This is basically because the demand exceeds the supply.

However, although the price increase is notable, other factors coexist that must be carefully considered according to the needs.


Penthouse apartment pros

  • Natural lighting. Living on the highest floor of the building allows you to enjoy natural lighting throughout the day, which makes the house a much nicer.
  • Views. Depending on the orientation, we shall enjoy attractive landscapes such as the sea, the mountain or the city.
  • Terrace. A lot of attics have wonderful terraces where you can plant a small garden, enjoy meals and dinners outdoors or set a chill out area.
  • Privacy. These types of floors, in the upper part of the buildings, give greater privacy. In addition to not having any more neighbors in top floors.


Penthouse apartment cons

  • Air conditioning. The temperatures of the penthouse apartments are extreme in winter very cold and in summer very hot – because it isolation. This increases considerably the heating and air conditioning expenses.
  • Price. The penthouse apartments show an increase up to 40% of the price compared to houses in the same building.
  • Robberies. Penthouse apartments are located at the top so they are more exposed to burglars, for whom it’s easier to enter at this type of houses.
  • Maintenance. Humidity, storms, gusts of wind or the constant sun are just some meteorological factors that can deteriorate the property.


Before making the decision to move into an penthouse apartments, we must consider the pros and cons and decide whether the purchase or rent are worthwile

Avant-garde, a classic design style

Throughout the last decade, the avant-garde style has become one of the most popular to design and decorate a house.

This trend, which has been gaining followers in recent years, breaks with tradition and bets on modern and current lines, according to the new lifestyles of society. The families change of habits, as well as the digital transformation are only some of the causes of the rupture with the previous styles.


Avant-garde icons

Since the 20´s the avant-garde architecture has taken center stage and, with the pass of time, has been consolidated by iconic figures such as Le Corbusier, who transformed his house in Poissy - known as Villa Savoye - into one of the most representative icons of the movement in France.

All the houses after that one followed the same style: simple and geometric shapes in large and bright spaces with the goal of creating comfortable and organized areas.


Materials and colors

Although the design world undergoes changes and innovations periodically, steel, aluminum, PVC and wood prevail over any other material.

In this way we have always wanted to promote a modern style and even, in some cases, futuristic.

These materials are combined with neutral colors, focusing on white walls that bring light to the space and enhance the sense of spaciousness.

In this context, the Schröder house, built in 1924 in Utrecht (Holland) is considered one of the most important architectural works of Gerrit Rietveld, who at the beginning of the 1920s, already showed some of the more symbolic features of the Vanguard movement.


Inspiring movement

Sticking to the premise "less is more" the avant-garde style has been gaining ground in the field of architecture and design, becoming a purely inspirational movement that goes beyond the functional and aesthetic.

Living in the Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample: leisure, fun and star restaurants

The Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample (or the Old Left Part of the Eixample - mot-a-mot translation) is, as its name tells, one of Eixample’s neighbourhoods, and was one of the first areas, together with the Dreta de l'Eixample, to be built following the Pla Cerdà. Marked by the Diagonal and the Gran Via, and next to the Avinguda de Sarrià, the neighbourhood’s location is unbeatable.

Even though it's next to the centre, its residential areas are quiet. And even with tranquil residential areas, the neighbourhood offers leisure, culture and a fun day and night life filled with terraces, cafés, art galleries , bistros, boutiques, bars, restaurants, night clubs…

Gourmets and fine dining lovers can enjoy different Michelin star restaurants such as El Gaig, the Angle Barcelona Restaurant or Disfrutar, commandeered  by the former heads of the Bulli kitchen. And let’s not forget about Cocktail Bars like Solange or the internationally recognised Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas.

For those who are considering living in the Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, its commercial opportunities also interesting. Besides having the luxury shops on Passeig de Gràcia right next to it, the neighbourhood streets hide their own treasures, like local designers' boutiques or delicatessen stores, such as cheese or wine shops.


Barcelona University and the Mercat del Ninot

In the Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample, and more specifically next to the University Square, the historical building of Barcelona University is located, an elegant neo-romanic construction, built at the end of the 19th century and catalogued as a Cultural Asset of Spain (BIC).

And juts some streets away you can find the recently renovated Mercat del Ninot. This market gets its name from an old bar from the neighbourhood that had a doll at the entrance, which made it into a famous landmark of the area. The same doll that nowadays welcomes the market’s visitors.


A promising future

The authorities have announced the urban transformation project for the Esquerra de l’Eixample, which will affect both the Antiga (Old)and the Nova (New) Esquerra de l’Eixample. The project is expected to be developed during the next years and will focus on the creation of new green areas, the concession of more spaces for pedestrians and reducing of the traffic in the area.

Thus, the plans for the neighbourhood’s future are directed at the improvement of the quality of life, which promises to make the area even more appealing to residents, buyers and tenants.

AMSUDAN fills the "Club de Polo de Barcelona" with solidarity

As you may already know, every year, AMSUDAN organizes a charity dinner at the Club de Polo de Barcelona to raise funds. The date for the 2017 event was June 21st and, as with the previous occasions, Living and many members of the team were there, including our director Estrella Serrano.

We're proud to collaborate with AMSUDAN. AMSUDAN is an NGO devoted to helping the missionaries who work in Sudan, offering their support and resources to disadvantaged collectives of the African country, especially to Father José Javier Parladé, who does field-work in order to identify the more urgent needs in the Mission of Yirol in Southern Sudan.


AMSUDAN, a helping hand in Sudan

The efforts of AMSUDAN are focused on the young population, especially on the building of schools. But this non-profit organization also works on the construction of wells, centres for women, centres for displaced populace and schools for adults, among other projects.

In the last decades, in the field of education alone, the organization has built and offered management support for 14 schools, which offer education to more than 9.800 children, a school-residency for high school education, a kindergarten, a teachers residency, a training school for adults and a training school-seminary.


A lot of bits

The charity dinners at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona and in other locations around the country help the NGO to raise thousands of euros every year, thanks to the generosity of the attendees and of the companies and brands who donate their products and services for the auctions and lotteries that take place during the events.

At Living, it makes us happy to contribute our part to the cause and, thus, help improve not just the life of our clients in Barcelona but, in a different way, the lives of people inhabiting faraway places of the planet and who find themselves in need.

A good number of celebrities and famous figures of the high society attend the event every year, as did Mercedes Milà or Maria de Godó on previous occasions. For this edition, as usual, all sorts of familiar faces and friends we were wishing to see, passed by our photo booth, like fashion designer Purificación García.

As always, it was a real pleasure to support AMSUDAN and invest as much as possible in their magnificent task.

Sant Cugat del Vallés: the luxury of living in natural surroundings

Some of Living’s clients ask themselves if it's a good idea to live in Sant Cugat del Vallés and, even though the answer varies depending on the dreams and needs of each one of them, there is objective data that points to a strong yes - living in Sant Cugat del Vallés IS a good idea.

For starters, this municipality is located less than 12Km away from Barcelona, which makes the commute to work or study, short (by train, it only takes 25 minutes to get to the city centre, so, the journey between two locations inside Barcelona can take longer than commuting from Sant Cugat del Vallés).

But being close to the Catalan capital is not the strength of Sant Cugat del Vallés, otherwise it would be simpler just living in Barcelona. For us, the jewel of Sant Cugat is its natural surroundings.


Clean air, high quality of life

To live in a luxury house that, in addition, is surrounded by nature, is a truly exquisite experience, besides being the perfect way to move away from the streets and pollution of a metropolis.

That’s why, the exclusive residential areas of Sant Cugat, at the feet of the Collserola mountain range and next to more than 8.000 hectares of natural protected areas, can be the perfect place to rent or buy your new home, to take a breath of fresh air every morning.


All you need, quiet included

We could say that Sant Cugat del Vallés has the perfect size, since it’s big enough to have all the services, but not that large to become a crowded city.

Its income per capita is one of the highest in Spain, and its atmosphere and services are ideal for families: there are many quality schools and high schools and a vast leisure offer for the younger population.

In addition, Sant Cugat promotes the local commerce, which restaurants take advantage of, in order to get the best out of the region's products and create true delicacies.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was usual for the Catalan bourgeoisie to spend their vacations there and, as you can see, living in Sant Cugat del Vallés can be not just a good idea, but also a luxurious experience.

You just need to find your dream house, and that's what our team is here for - to help you.

Living brings the luxury Real Estate to the Conde de Godó Trophy

This year, at the end of April, the 65th Conde de Godó Trophy took place, nowadays officially known as The Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. The tournament is part of the ATP World Tour and takes place every year in the prestigious Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona**, where tennis enthusiasts from all continents gather for the occasion.

Living’s team didn’t miss the event, and we took advantage of the opportunity to bring our idea of luxury Real Estate and our top quality services closer to the tournament’s public. We did it from our stand in the Village, a space specially designed for the occasion, marked by the concept of drawing parallels between "the white sport" and the luxury real estate world.


 “We say GAME, SET, MATCH in Luxury Real Estate”

These two ideas, tennis and luxury real estate, seem far apart at first glance but, when you take a closer look, you realize they have many things in common. Both ask for their professionals to have a great technique control, strategy, concentration, effort and an enormous dedication. And both are an art.

Besides, even though it may look like it is an individual effort, behind every success (it doesn’t matter if it’s winning a match or finding or selling a luxury property) there’s the work of a whole team of professionals that gave it their best.


Roses and books at Godó 2017

Our stand, a dynamic space full of elegance thanks to the enticing graphics and the contrast between the sobriety of black and the light from the white details, was one of the most active and entertaining presences during the Godó event days, especially during the Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day), which coincided with one of the trophy’s days.

To celebrate such a notable date in Catalonia, we filled the stand with red roses from our grand partner Flors Zinnia and with copies of the wonderful book ¿Quieres vivir conmigo? (Do you want to live with me?), which Márika Mihalache has created especially for Living, a book dedicated to those who are looking for a new home. The presents were a huge success.

If you missed it or you want to relive the day, here you can watch a video we’ve created as a memento of the event and here you can see more pictures.


To end our little summary of how the Godó 2017 unfolded, we’d like to congratulate this year's tournament champions: Rafa Nadal, who beat Dominic Thiem in the singles final (6-4, 6-1), and the couple formed by Florin Mergea and Aisam-ul-Haq, who won against Philipp Petzschner and Alexander Peyain in doubles final.

And, of course, we'd like to give thanks to all those who visited our stand, whether they came to say hi, have a chat or to discover more about what Luxury Real Estate means to Living. Thank you very much!

Dreta de l’Eixample, luxury at street level in Barcelona

If you are looking for a place to live in Barcelona, that’s central, exclusive and quiet at the same time, that property is located in Dreta de l’Eixample, where luxury manifests in all its forms.

In this neighbourhood you'll find the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia, a premium shopping paradise. There, brands like Chanel, MaxMara, Valentino, Prada or Louis Vuitton open the doors of their elegant boutiques to fashionistas and style gurus.

The area’s gastronomic offer doesn't fall behind, either. In Dreta de l’Eixample you can find the Roca Moo Restaurant, the delicious culinary proposal from Hotel Omm, a Michelin Star venue. Or Casa Calvet, that serves Mediterranean contemporary cuisine in no less than a Gaudi building.


Breathtaking architectural masterpieces

The Eixample was born in the 1860s following the Pla Cerdà, an expansion plan of Barcelona conceived by the engineer Ildefons Cerdà.

Its streets and buildings are organized in a grid which, in addition to being very easy for orientation, allows the edifices to have marvellous interior courtyards.

This development stage of Barcelona happily coincided with the Golden era of Catalan architecture: modernism. So, while taking a walk, it's not long before you come across these stylish buildings. The more prominent ones are, of course, those designed by Gaudí - La Pedrera and Casa Batlló.


Live surrounded by luxury

Being located right next to the city centre and the Diagonal, crossed by Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya, and with all the features we've already mentioned, it’s no surprise that Dreta de l’Eixample is one of the favourite places for those who are looking for top quality housing; specifically, the tranquillity of its residential areas and its good location, are the main reasons for many upper class families choosing this neighbourhood.

There, are located some of the most special properties in our collection: ground floors with spectacular courtyards, top quality attics in majestic estates and apartments in modernist buildings that maintain the original architectural details...

Certainly, if you want to buy or rent a house in an area of Barcelona that offers luxury in all its forms, you're just one step away from discovering in what street of Dreta de l’Eixample your ideal home awaits.

Living glamour at CSIO Barcelona

The105th CSIO Barcelona brought us some months ago, in the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping Final. The event that lasted 4 days, was filled with the participants' talent and the attendees style, glamour and sophistication.

For the occasion, which we didn’t want to miss and to which we invited some of our clients and partners, we made our stand at Polo Park to look like an art gallery, the perfect place to display properties as special as the ones we're managing at Living - a collection of properties that excite. The frames on the walls were carefully handcrafted and a typography artist was in charge of creating a special lettering for the space.

Hundreds of people passed by Living’s stand during those days and, as it is usual, at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona we didn’t just meet with friends, we also met new interesting people, with whom we are still in contact or even work with. We were also accompanied by the fashion blogger Mariona Planas (@diariodeestilo), collaborator for ELLE Magazine.

But not just the adults enjoyed our stand, the two toy horses by Vondom that we placed at the entrance, were one of the main attractions for our younger visitors, though the undisputed winner were the fantastic live sketches that one of our collaborators, the designer and illustrator Márika Mihalache, created as a gift for the visitors.

Saturday evening, we set at the table and enjoyed the exquisite dinner we organized at the same Club de Polo with partners, clients and friends. At this part of the event we were accompanied by personalities such as the Torres brothers.

We’ve put together some of the moments from Saturday in this video, and here you can see more pictures from the event.


Club de Polo de Barcelona, a first-class club

We enjoyed the atmosphere at the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona during 4 wonderful days. This society proudly celebrates more than 100 years since its foundation in 1897, and is nowadays more active than ever. The Club still defines itself as an equestrian society but, besides it still being the reference in the equestrian and polo world of Barcelona, currently offers tennis, padel, hockey, swimming and other sports facilities, activities and competitions.

And, in reality, "The Polo" is much more. The Club de Polo de Barcelona organizes an array of events, activities and competitions throughout the year, and offers a wide variety of services (from luxury restaurants to meeting rooms, passing through its beauty salon or its physiotherapy and osteopathy centre among others). Of course, everything with a touch (or more) of exclusivity, elegance and distinction.

El Born, the luxury of having everything at your disposal, outside and inside your home

El Born (or Borne, depending on your coolness level) is one of the most sophisticated and charming neighbourhoods in town, since taking a walk on the narrow pedestrian streets of this central area of Barcelona is always a fantastic experience.

In addition, meandering around. El Born means to keep finding and discovering little treasures constantly: art galleries, museums (like the Picasso Museum or the Textiles and Costume Museum), design boutiques, delicatessen shops, cafés and restaurants filled with history, modern cocktail bars, new places where you can enjoy a wonderful brunch, artisanal jewellery stores… and the list doesn’t stop here.


Top quality housing in the heart of Barcelona

El Born doesn’t just offer some of the most trendy stores and shops in town and a buzzing night life; behind some of its façades are top quality apartments, luxury lofts and design duplexes that have been renovated and redecorated to the point where anyone who visits them remains speechless.

We have to warn you that, when you manage to get one of those high quality wonders, the decision between wandering around the streets and taking in everything they have to offer, and simply enjoying the comfort of your home, can be hard to make…

Jokes aside, El Born is the perfect choice for those who want to live in the indefatigable centre of Barcelona, enjoy its lifestyle, a bohemian and artistic ambience and, almost, forget about the car (from El Born you can take a walk all the way to the beach).

For those who are looking for more than an experience, buying a property in El Born, a neighbourhood with a constant and even growing demand, is also a good idea. The neighbourhood offers interesting real estate investments;one of the area tendencies is to buy old apartments and remodel them, as stated before, to give them a new life and a higher value.


Harmony between past and present

As it happens in most of the cities, the central neighbourhoods such as El Born, are part of the old town. In this case, the past left us with buildings as historical and emblematic as the old El Born’s Market (now restructured as a cultural centre), the famous Church of Santa Maria del Mar or the Promenade of El Born, where, in medieval times, knights would take part in jousting tournaments and nowadays you can have a drink in trendy terraces.

To sum it up, El Born offers an excellent mixture of history and modernity, and a lifestyle that captivates both locals and visitors.

An opera to fight child poverty

In Barcelona's Plaça Bonanova Cathedral we've had the pleasure of attending a charitable opera concert, supporting Mary’s Meals Foundation. It was our pleasure at Living to be the sponsors of the event, which was possible also thanks to the partnership of the Concurs Internacional de Cant Jaume Aragall.

The attendees had the chance to enjoy the magnificent performance of Marianna Prizzon, a soprano who already played the prestigious stages New York City or Munich, and who was directly influenced by great artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Leone Magiera orRenatta Scotto. Prizzon shared the stage and applauses with the mezzosoprano Guisela Zannerini Neri, the Uruguayan tenor Sebastián Ferrada and the talented baritone Daniel Ihn-Kyu Lee.

During the concert, the public was delighted with an interesting variety of pieces from some of the greatest composers in history, like Antonio Vivaldi ‘s “Laudamuset” (“Gloria” RV589), Verdi's “Au Maria”, “When I am laid in earth” (Lamento di Dido from the Opera “Dido and Aeneas”) by Henry Purcell or Francesco Paolo Tosti’s “Aprile”.


Mary’s Meals, a dish at the table for every child

The money raised at the concert was donated to Mary’s Meals, an international organization that focuses its efforts on feeding children in chronic poverty situations, all around the globe.

Nowadays, the foundation provides one quality meal every school day to more than a million boys and girls. The meals are served in the schools, prepared by volunteer mothers in the kitchens that Mary’s Meals has built in every centre.

Besides being a guaranty of food supplies for the little ones, the number of students in those schools has increased, the academic performance improved and the absenteeism and disease rate have dropped, thanks to the foundation's efforts.


All help adds

If you want to support Mary’s Meals, you can do it through donations or by becoming a volunteer on their website. To insure the organization’s transparency, the donors can closely follow their partnerships with schools through pictures and comments, in addition to the possibility of visiting the centres personally.

For us, it’s always an honour to actively participate in charitable causes that help the world become a better place for everyone, as in this case, by teaming with a foundation that doesn't just feed the children, but also brings future opportunities closer to them.

Pedralbes, much more than tranquillity in the upper area of Barcelona

When one thinks of the luxury areas of Barcelona, Pedralbes comes to mind immediately, since it’s one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in town.

The Catalan capital has grown a lot in the last years and, now, Pedralbes finds itself very well located, touching the Diagonal, one of the most important business and academic areas of the city. Formerly located at the outskirts of Barcelona, it was where aristocracy and the bourgeoisie used to spend their summer vacation.


Enjoying the best from the past and the present


Pedralbes’ past has left an exquisite print, in the form of palaces, estates and mansions with gardens which are now enjoyed by the new owners and tenants (truth be told, we are proud to say that some of those jewels can be currently found for sale or rent in our collection).

The new constructions, both luxury urbanisations and top-quality apartments, designed with style and adapted to the neighbourhood, bring a touch of modernity and fresh air to it.

For those who are looking for a new home in Barcelona, this is a spectacular place to live in. The streets are wide and allow the views to get lost in the vastness of the sky, framed only by noble façades and historical buildings. On top of the stunning sights, there’s a large number of parks and green areas where you can enjoy a stroll and be surrounded by nature - such as the Gardens of the Pedralbes Palace.



A lot to do in a quiet neighbourhood

Pedralbes is a very quiet neighbourhood (which many families are very grateful for), especially in the residential areas. And that tranquillity shows itself in all its splendour at Santa María de Pedralbes Monastery, a gothic style construction that was founded in the XIV century, with a cloister where time seems to be standing still.


The area offers, in addition, exclusive amenities, such as the Reial Club de Tennis de Barcelona. But one of its most recognized virtues is the high level of its educational institutions, with notable mentions like the elite international centres: Superior Business School ESADE, St. Peter’s School or the French High School.

With all this, Pedralbes has always been and still is one of the favourite places for the upper class. A proof of that is the fact that not even Gaudi, who built the Güell Pavilions, passed by without leaving his print.

Without a doubt, this is a place that deserves consideration from those high-quality lovers who wish to buy or rent a property in Barcelona.

We're preparing a new luxury lifestyle space

At Living, we are working on the creation of a new Concept Boutique that will open its doors in a few months in the heart of the city.

It’s going to be called Eixample Concept Boutique and will be our second location of this kind in Barcelona. The first one is located in the Turó Park area, and both - its good feedback and the expansion we are witnessing - have encouraged us to keep advancing on this path.


A store with a lot of history and even more style

We have chosen a select and very special location for the new boutique: the former Viladot Pharmacy, a magnificent store with a modernist design, full of style and history.

This pharmacy was the work of the architect Felix Cardellachi Alivès in 1905, and is one of those jewels of Barcelona’s centre that doesn’t go unnoticed. Taking into consideration that our passion, and one of our promises to our clients is finding this kind of properties, we couldn’t settle for an ordinary store.

For those who want to have a look, the pharmacy is located at number 40 on Ronda Sant Pere (and deserves a visit!).

Those compliments are not just a personal opinion; Viladot Pharmacy, called Doctor Colomes Pharmacy at first, is catalogued and protected as a Cultural Asset of Spain (BIC).

The façade’s metallic structure and its glass bell, with its characteristic curves from the architectural movement it proudly represents, are the originals; and the mosaics were created by Lluís Bru in the 30s, when the former modernist glass cabinets were replaced.


The beauty lies, also, on the inside

Even though the store’s façade is magnificent, our team is working so the most interesting element is provided by the interior, 200m2 that are being transformed into a new space where luxury and exclusivity will be the rule.

We always work closely with the best professionals for the remodelling of the properties in our collection but, in this case, in addition, the old pharmacy still has some of its original furniture, which can just lead to a spectacular result.

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