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Zen Style

The Zen trend inspired by the oriental style is based on a harmonious environment and is associated with concepts such as tranquillity, order, peace and simplicity. This concept is translated as “meditation” and is originated nu the school of Buddhism, where the decoration with Buddha figures, stones and plants is justified. The Zen trend is not only based on quiet and simple places, but also focuses on a lifestyle.



Zen-style homes have a lot of connection with nature and show great commitment to using earth colours combined with white, beige, grey and some pink. The wood or grey cement floor are guaranteed options to show off your home in pure Zen style, and above all do not forget to use simple furniture, with well-finished lines. Symmetry and cleanliness are very important pillars to breathe serenity and achieve complete relaxation of your own mind.

The decoration in excess is not an option to achieve that harmony you want to reach, so that decorative objects that can disperse the mind are reduced to a minimum.


Touching the floor

The furniture is a reflection of each person’s personal style, choosing tatami beds or futons as a manifestation of Zen expression. Personal rest is an essential concept in the Buddhist philosophy reflected in simple, orderly rooms with very minimalist elements.


Breathing calm

Furniture made from natural elements such as bamboo and wood occupy the number one priority of the home. Plants such as bonsai, vases, ceramics, fountains and elements with rattan, wicker and bamboo are reborn to achieve a clean and stress-free design. The smell of nature helps us to move our body in an atmosphere of relaxation, using oils, natural fragrances and soft incenses.