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We're preparing a new luxury lifestyle space

At Living, we are working on the creation of a new Concept Boutique that will open its doors in a few months in the heart of the city.

It’s going to be called Eixample Concept Boutique and will be our second location of this kind in Barcelona. The first one is located in the Turó Park area, and both - its good feedback and the expansion we are witnessing - have encouraged us to keep advancing on this path.


A store with a lot of history and even more style

We have chosen a select and very special location for the new boutique: the former Viladot Pharmacy, a magnificent store with a modernist design, full of style and history.

This pharmacy was the work of the architect Felix Cardellachi Alivès in 1905, and is one of those jewels of Barcelona’s centre that doesn’t go unnoticed. Taking into consideration that our passion, and one of our promises to our clients is finding this kind of properties, we couldn’t settle for an ordinary store.

For those who want to have a look, the pharmacy is located at number 40 on Ronda Sant Pere (and deserves a visit!).

Those compliments are not just a personal opinion; Viladot Pharmacy, called Doctor Colomes Pharmacy at first, is catalogued and protected as a Cultural Asset of Spain (BIC).

The façade’s metallic structure and its glass bell, with its characteristic curves from the architectural movement it proudly represents, are the originals; and the mosaics were created by Lluís Bru in the 30s, when the former modernist glass cabinets were replaced.


The beauty lies, also, on the inside

Even though the store’s façade is magnificent, our team is working so the most interesting element is provided by the interior, 200m2 that are being transformed into a new space where luxury and exclusivity will be the rule.

We always work closely with the best professionals for the remodelling of the properties in our collection but, in this case, in addition, the old pharmacy still has some of its original furniture, which can just lead to a spectacular result.