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Victorian style is back. Transform your house in a palace

No doubt, the Victorian trend is returning - full of novelties and surprises - to stay. For those who don’t know, it’s an English style that, without reaching the decorative and ostentatious extremes of its baroque predecessor, also provides colourful elements, a wide range of hues and a big number of luxurious materials. It basically recreates the fashion of the Victorian era English palaces.

For those who love changes and want to bring the decoration of their house to a new scenario, we try the main points of reference of this trend.


The role of England

England is one of Europe’s main countries. In the interior design and decoration world, for example, the United Kingdom has a very important weight, especially if we go back to the nineteenth century, a time when the Victorian style had its moment.

At that time, the most recurrent colours to adorn the nobility palaces were white, grey and beige, that were complemented by darker hues such as other, blue or green.

Currently the tones remain the same. However, pastel colours - like rosewood - as well as garish colours - like fuchsia - have been gaining ground.


Luxury in materials and fabrics

In both textile materials and structures, the Victorian style has a remarkable number of ornate elements. The fabrics and sofas are impregnated with powerful prints that give colour and vitality to the rest of the elements that, as always, must be in harmony with the whole.


High ceilings and white light, another key point

The light and the ceilings are important if we want to recreate the old Victorian style. As a general rule, the mouldings and decorative pieces combine with the ceiling, while the light comes from large lamps that point out the centre of the room.