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Urban Modern interior design

The Urban Modern interior decoration is a contemporary style, with an industrial touch that fits perfectly in the sophisticated houses of a city. Its always fashionable designs seek to emphasize intelligently in comfort and elegance, in order to enjoy a small oasis within the urban core. With strong influences from other current and modern styles, such as the minimalist or the industrial, the Urban Modern style stands out, both for its personality and for the wellness that generates, and for that reason, it is ideal in a loft or a modern apartment. Here are some suggestions you can easily apply in your home to achieve greater comfort in your daily life within the city.

Soft tones
Generally, the Urban Modern style has a soft character that puts the focus on design and comfort since it seeks to create a relaxing and serene space in the house. Therefore, warm colors, such as reds, oranges or blues; or neutral colors, like grey, beige or black, are ideal to combine both on the walls and furniture of the interiors.

Regulate the accessories
The Urban Modern is a style that allows accessories in small quantities. Therefore, try not to overload the decoration and choose the objects that you will exhibit for its functionality and utility. So, you will enjoy a greater sense of space and freedom, which will help you to disconnect from the stresses of the city.

Comfortable furniture
Comfort is an essential aspect in the contemporary designs of the Urban Modern. In this style, rooms are projected with comfortable furniture with curved lines, softs fabrics and natural materials that create a feeling of wellness and relax.

Urban and industrial character
Some typical elements from the city have space in this style. Exposed bricks, hardwood floors, metal beams or huge steel windows will be perfect components to bring style to the home without sacrificing aesthetics or comfort.