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Trends for the decoration of 2019

The arrival of the new year is always accompanied by new purposes and ideas to fulfil and it is an excellent opportunity to face new objectives. Throughout the year we spend a lot of time inside the rooms of the house so we give you some trends for the decoration of 2019, which will help you to achieve a sense of comfort so you can overcome all your challenges.


Amplitude and nature

Open spaces, simple, with great natural lighting and vegetation will mark the line of homes this season. We will look for elements that are thin, that allow the entrance of light and we will take advantage to fill the house with plants. Some furniture with wood details will bring beauty and energy without overloading the environment.



The velvet fabrics will continue accompanying us another year to decorate some elements of the house. Sofas, chairs or blankets of this material, in addition to a lot of softness, will bring touches of sophistication and elegance very distinctive.


Decoration on the ceilings

Another trend that will take force throughout the year are the decorated ceilings. Whether with mouldings, paintings or wallpapers, the ceilings look for prominence and add character to your rooms. In the dining room, a metallic paint with touches of gold or silver, will help to give a brightness and a very elegant luminosity. The bright colors or the wallpapers with modern designs are ideal for the rooms of the little ones.


Handmade and sustainable pieces

2019 will be accompanied by handmade pieces that use natural materials such as jute, cork, cotton or wicker. In addition to being practical and sustainable, they will help us feel more in touch with the earth. For those people really committed to the responsible use of resources, we can choose decorative elements that are recycled. In this way we will extend its useful life and we will contribute to look for fewer polluting solutions.