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Trending floors

Many times, we forget the importance of the bases that hold our walls. We obviate the primordial to cling to the complements of our environment. For that reason, we will greet the trendiest floors that our homes will shine from now and on.

Custom floors to detail, presidential ceramics and wood will be the three protagonists to get a home with modern and cosmopolitan style.


Optical game for your feet

It is increasingly common to find homes in which neutrality and contrast are combined. For this reason, it is preferable to opt for floors where colour is the best ally, betting on tiles and mosaics with warm colours - like red - and cold - like blue - to create fun and modern environments.

The geometric and floral designs treated with delicacy and dexterity will give a unique result reinforcing one of the most daring trends so far: combined floors.


Flawless soils

Another material that we will find this season to give us a classic-elegant tone, are stoneware and ceramics. In addition to the brightness and resistance that these floors transmit to us, we must highlight its simplicity in terms of maintenance.

On the other hand, we can opt for greyish colours and darker shades to achieve a metallic, smooth and industrial appearance look.


Classic Wood

For the most classic, wood is presented as a must in interior design. The shades that can cover the laminate floors are in an endless range, which goes from black to white.

A few years ago, soft colours were number one of the wish list; Later, it was the dark colours. In the case of ecological houses, where plants take great importance creating a very botanical environment, it is ideal.