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The road to cubism

Modern designs have become one of the most desired trends for homes with exclusive interiors. With the passage of time we seek to find the most peculiar elements trying to achieve a personal and revolutionary vibe. White spaces, clean and straight lines are some of the cubism features, the modern art trend that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, spearheaded by Pablo Picasso.

Modern cubism combines soft tones in contrast with blacks, violets, greens and oranges, trying to create a visual game with shapes and colors.


Simplicity for your mind

Cubism seeks to magnify itself being displayed within the limits of the simplicity and finesse of the geometric forms. This desire to reaffirm Cubism as art is remarkable in the materials, installations and decorative ornaments.

Straight lines, circles and squares in search of a symmetry and balance represent the purity of this style.



Materials such as leather, glass, iron and wood are frequent in the cubist house furniture. The leather is present, especially, in the most modern and trendy sofas along with the glass for high standing lamps. In addition, we find dining rooms with wooden furniture with a minimalist style.

One of the furniture with the greatest representation of cubism is the couch, similar to a sofa, but with a decorative character.