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The return of the Mid-Century Modern

For those who still haven´t heard about the term “Mid Century”, it´s a type of decoration – with origins in mid-20th century – that stands out because of the supremacy of natural materials and has now turned into one of the most followed trends when it comes to interior decorations. In decoration, as in the fashion industry, all trends tend to come back.

To turn your home into a Mid-Century reference you have to follow a few basic rules:


From the outside to the inside

In Mid Century decoration, nature is an important influence, which should be reflected in the interior of the property.

This is the reason why you should connect the outside of your home with the inside, through different natural elements such as plants and flowers, wood and stones.


The most common textiles

This particular style has several distinctive elements that makes it easily recognizable. Walls, tapestries and fabrics stand out for their repetitive patterns, with a striking visual impact. 

Even though the decoration at first sight could look like it would create monotony or fatigue in your home, if used in moderation it can actually work against it.

It’s recommended to use these patterns occasionally around the house, a small detail of forms and colors here and there to give a touch and continuity to each room.


Iconic decoration for your furniture

The decoration from the mid-20th century stands out because of innovation, which is reflected in the use of furniture. The clean, yet not simple decoration, based on iconic elements.