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The Pursuit of Happyness

Hygge is a concept emerged in Denmark that pursues welfare in all aspects. The long, dark winters of the north force the Scandinavians to spend more hours inside their houses. For this reason, the hygge pays attention to creating intimate spaces with a decoration that makes us feel relaxed and in harmony, and so that we can put aside the worries of the day.

In the home, hygge aims to identify and enhance those elements that surround us in positive feelings and well-being. Therefore, the main thing is to create a space that is welcoming and where we can feel at ease, both alone and as a family.


Warm atmosphere

The Danes reject the blinds to make the most of the natural light in their homes. Natural light is positive to recharge people's energy and influences their mood and well-being. A curtain with light fabrics will be perfect to let sunlight in and keep privacy.

When natural light is not possible, we will incorporate candles or light the fireplace to achieve a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For artificial light, the adjustable white bulbs will emit a more diffuse light that will help create a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Light colored walls, such as white, beige or light gray, will give a sense of minimalism to the Nordic style and help create a serene and stress-free atmosphere. The order and organization are essential to simplify the day to day and achieve peace of mind.


Harmony with nature

Nature is the perfect ally in the pursuit of well-being and pleasure. Plants on tables or hanging plants will help you to connect with the natural environment and enjoy an exciting sense of well-being.

Wood is another way of being in harmony with the natural, so we will look for floors and furniture with soft tones of this element. In addition, we will incorporate some cushions, blankets and rugs made of soft materials and natural textiles such as wool or cotton, which will add texture and color to the decoration.