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The mixed floor trend in the heart of our homes

Today we will talk about a unique trend that is sweeping the homes of the moment: the combined or mixed soils. As simple as joining two pavements covered in different materials, creating a very particular aesthetic. Likewise, we can find this style on some walls, normally as a continuation of the engraving chosen for the floor.

Combined floors are the best option against indecision on household coatings. Why not to put together wood and hydraulic tiles? The combinations are endless.


The best of the mixed floors

For lovers of open spaces without conventional divisions, mixed floors help to visually divide the places of the house by visually enlarging the size of the rooms. In addition, by dispensing with some walls, the home is more illuminated making the most of sunlight.

This innovative trend can be found in any area of the house. However, it is usual to use it as a delimiter in the area between the dining room and the kitchen as well as in corridors – to attract attention – and in some area of the bathroom.         


The perfect mix

To choose the right combination we have to let our imagination fly and be original with the great variety of materials, shapes and colours.

Within the mixed floor we find different forms: the gradient, strips, checkered, by zones, with hexagonal prints getting a “puzzle effect”, etc. depending on the area we will choose one way or another. For example, in bathrooms we will bet by a mixture by zones and in corridors to strips.


Materials in combat

Among the great multitude of mixtures, we find wood with hydraulic tiles or stoneware as a must for many interior designers. However, the incorporation of microcement, marble and porcelain with wood and hydraulic tiles is also contemplated.

The hexagons as geometrics shapes working on these materials, will give a talk in the trend of the most modern design.