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The importance of a well-kept garden

The garden represents an essential part in the exterior aesthetics of a house and its decoration can sometimes become a challenge. However, it is a splendid opportunity to give a better image to your garden and prepare it so you can enjoy the outdoors of dining with your friends, reading a book or for cultivating your own vegetables and fruits. Below, we will show you some of the new trends in gardening for this year, which will help you to transmit all the harmony and attractiveness that this space deserves.

The exterior combined with the interior

The decoration of the garden should be in harmony with the decoration in other spaces of the house, so the combination will be perfect and will transmit a relaxed and fresh effect. The tendency is to drag the colors and patterns of the decoration in the interiors towards the garden. Therefore, we recommend creating an outdoor version of your entertainment and kitchen areas, so you can make your friends and family feel at home while having fun outdoors.

The copper color

Whether as a color or as a material, copper will continue to dominate the gardens and terraces in 2019. The impact that its color generates in contrast to other textures such as stone, gravel or wood, provides an incredible sense of warmth and a surprising finish.

Intelligent lighting

The exterior lighting plays a fundamental role in the practical use that you will give to your garden. In addition to achieving the desired atmosphere, it will allow you to enjoy this space in the warm summer nights. There is a wide variety of exterior lights to achieve different effects, try to choose the ones that you think are best suited to the elements of the garden and the landscape.


This year, planting shrubs is one of the greatest trends for the garden. You can find them in almost all colors and their flowers will bring aromas and a sense of well-being to all those around them.