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The artist home

There are those who feel passion for art and constantly manifest it wherever they go, especially in their homes.

It does not matter if it is a house, an apartment, an attic, a town house, a mansion or a villa, what really matters is the content that exists inside each of these residences inhabited by art lovers.

Although there is currently a high percentage of people who choose simple and minimalist decorations, where the slogan "less is more" prevails, there are also those who love to fill with paintings, sculptures and photographs every corner of their respective homes. Without a doubt, a very creative way to openly express feelings and emotions.


Paintings, the key to sophistication

Behind each painting there is a story to tell. That’s why it is essential to find a suitable place to exhibit it and get the most out of it so that it manages to convey what the author wanted at the time he created it. Paintings are a basic element: they allow you to create elegant, sophisticated and classy environments.


Sculptures, from the classic to the transgressor

From the most classical Hellenistic Greek style, in which harmony and perfection reign up to the most transgressive, ambiguous and irreverent. Depending on the style and decoration of the home you can bet on one type of sculpture or another. The most important thing is keeping the same decorative direction according to the rest of the elements present in the house.


Pictures, images full of memories

If there is something that never - or almost never - fails in the houses, regardless of whether it is an artist's or not, it is the photos. All those true camera lovers can create authentic works of art of any size with their own photos, to exhibit both in the living room, as in the kitchen or the hall.