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Surrealism, the art to survive

In the surrealist style, the range of artists is like an endless tunnel. It is a movement that emerged in France in the decade of the 20s, where the enigmatic and the chaos appear in the most emblematic works.

From icons like Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso, through Joan Miró and René Magritte among many others, a world is built to escape from reality. A parallel universe without rules or barriers, where chaos is order and the forbidden is allowed. On the other hand, surrealism has inspired great designers, referring to homes with great force.


The order of disorder

When we talk about homes in the purest surrealist style we think of very ornate and inelegant homes, and this is a very non-objective perception. Art opens our eyes and helps us see the things as we want.

To procreate the surreal art in your home, you just have to dive into this style and find the perfect balance. We will begin with the sinuosity of the white color on the walls, which will help to enhance the contrast of all the elements that will complete the spaces.


The artistic cradle

Everything that completes our four walls is presented as a must to achieve an artist's home. The paintings will be our best allies, but we have to watch how we distribute them. If we have large spaces we will place two or three paintings; in small spaces, we will have only one piece.

Prodigious lamps with colours such as yellow, red and blue will give life to surrealism along with their structures with geometric airs. We can also choose majestic bicolour armchairs to give a more calm and sophisticated tone.


In Wonderland

The furniture with atypical shapes supported by animal rugs will help us get into the world like Alice in Wonderland and see beyond the natural.

As a final point and for lovers of the eco-friendly trend, we can incorporate some mysterious plants such as Heliconia, Croton and Calathea.