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Renting an appartment: furnished or not?

When renting a high standard apartment, one of the most frequent issues that most buyers consider is related to the equipment of the dwelling. In other words, whether if it is furnished or not.

There is no theory that indicates whether one option or another is better. Everything depends on the client, his needs and a series of tangible and intangible variables such as the budget he has or the timming for moving to the house, among others.

Therefore, each case must be treated custom and individually, since the factors that influence the interested party are different.


Furnished, comfortable and practical housing

Entering living in a fully furnished apartment has several advantages related to saving time and money considering that, if you opt for this option, it is not necessary to invest long hours in the purchase of furniture, assembly, decoration, etc. In addition, an extraordinary expense is avoided that, sometimes, is unnecessary.

  • Fully equipped: rent a house with furniture and electrical equipment included is a considerable financial savings because it allows you to abstain from expenses such as the purchase of sofas, beds, televisions, tables, chairs, etcetera.


  • Temporary stay: in those cases of uncertainty about the duration of the stay or that you know in advance that it will be for a short period of time, it is better to opt for this option.


Unfurnished homes, custom homes

Buyers who choose empty flats usually share a series of characteristics that distinguish them significantly from the group previously described.

  • Moving: if a move is made from one floor to another and it happens that the first furniture was already purchased, the key is to look for another floor unfurnished - of the same dimensions, or higher, so that everything fits.


  • Create a home: an unfurnished apartment can be decorated according to the tastes of the new tenant, adding a personal style. In addition, it gives the possibility of renewing the furniture as many times as necessary.