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Parisian style

Globalization is a concept that goes far beyond the global macroeconomies. It is also all kinds of trends and styles moving from country to country, leaving their mark in local culture, fashion, interior decoration trends and even our way of life. In this context, the Parisian style is once again a world trend.

The colors, shapes and high ceilings are part of its identity, as well as the use of noble wood and the purest Baroque style twist. Combining materials and textiles in the right amount is the key to keep in mind if you want to transport the Champs Elysees to your living room.


Blend of textiles and materials

If you want to discover this style and take it to your home, it is important to investigate and get inspired by the Parisian center apartments, characterized by their high ceilings and the use of carpets, with the goal of keeping a warm floor during Paris icy winters.

Carpets, therefore, are one of the basic decorative elements of this style. However, it should be noted that you can also choose tapestries and other textiles such as colorful cushions - especially red, gold and green.

Wood is one of the most popular materials thanks to its versatility, elegance and delicacy. Its ability to adapt to all types of real estate, whatever its size, make it the perfect ally to achieve a manorial and classy touch.


Classic lighting and other representative twists

Chandeliers are also a way of bringing the classism that Parisian style demands. Most of them are made of glass and have different extensions that give the house a twist of the purest Versailles style. This striking bright colored lamps must have a leading spot in your house.

In the same way, works of art and respect for the house’s original structure are other important aspects of the style.