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Open kitchen: pros and cons

What emerged to maximize the kitchen space at the beginning of the 21st century, has recently become a trend that grows every day. Choosing an open kitchen has pros and cons so, before starting the reform works, you must learn them to make the most educate choice, always depending on your specific needs.


Open kitchen, design and space

Space. This is without a doubt the most valued feature of this kind of kitchens. Eliminating the wall that separates the two different spaces – usually the kitchen and the living room - allows us to achieve a much more pleasant and comfortable open space in which the distribution of furniture does not overwhelm us.

Normally, to delimit both spaces, we opt for an American bar. This type of bar gives us the chance of cooking without losing sight of possible guests who are enjoying a pleasant chat sitting in the sofa of the living room.


Open kitchen and its cons

Despite the modern and current design of open kitchens, it should be noted that this relatively new trend has some important cons you should consider.

Odors are one of its great disadvantages. Not having a wall or structure that separates the kitchen from the living room makes having a large fume extractor a priority, if we want to eliminate all odors. However, for those who never cook at home this is not a problem. Therefore, each case must be analyzed individually.

Before deciding what kind of kitchen is the best suited of our new home, it is important to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of the open kitchen.