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Interior plants, a colourful solution

There are lots of appartments, penthouses and lofts that do not have a terrace or a garden to decorate with all kinds of plants and flowers. However, there are many ideas and easy, interesting and simple insights to enjoy the interior of a house well decorated and full of joy.


Cerimán, simple and exotic

For those who can’t afford to devote hours to the floral decoration of their house, the cerimán is one of the perfect plants to keep your home alive and cheerful, with very little care. They do not require an excessive light, nor a constant irrigation. It is enough to go check them from time to time. Its large green irregular-shaped leaves will give a twist of strength and colour to any corner of the living room, dining room or room.


Ivy, vitality and colour

Although it is usually present on the walls of buildings, Ivy can be a perfect ally to decorate the interior of a house. It does not need much care so you just have to worry about installing some guides so that the plant goes through the desired route.


Sansevieria, the independent plant

These pointy-shaped leaf plants are not only very original but also very practical and easy to garden. Those who are acquainted with the advice people that, the less they care, the better they will grow. They are medium-sized plants, ideal to display on shelves or on the center of a table, since they are simple to move, from one side to another. You can combine several of different sizes in colored pots to enhance a warm, quiet and cosy atmosphere.


Cactus, a basic at any home

In recent years, the cactus have acquired great value in homes. Its different shapes and sizes, its originality and its practically null care make it a perfect plant to accompany our dining room, office or workplace. In addition, it should be noted that it absorbs the radiation of televisions and laptops, so it’s not only limited to decorate the room.