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Industrial-Style Lofts

Fifty years after the appearance of the first lofts in New York, this category of real estate remains a very attractive option for high-end home buyers looking for a space that combines luxury, comfort and design.

Although in the beginning the lofts were residences of young artists and immigrants who could not afford the rent of an apartment in the skyscrapers city, with the course of time the buyer of this type of property has changed. Nowadays they are mainly luxury consumers.


The industrial style

Going back to its origins and, considering the type of tenant who lived there in the 50s, most of the lofts maintain that industrial style, like an old factory, given that they were warehouses transformed in house.

Diaphanous and spacious areas, brick walls, high ceilings with exposed beams and large windows are just some of the features that characterize these buildings that enjoy unpretentious architecture with simple structures and few materials.


New York vibe

Decorating a loft means - although not necessarily – investing on the industrial style. There are those who apply it to the whole house and others who only prefer some rooms.

In one case or another, there are certain details that must be present. Below we offer a short list of the most outstanding elements for your loft:


  • Exposed pipes and beams: leaving them in the outside - regardless of whether they are made of wood or metal - is a very recurring element.


  • Recycling furniture: no need to invest in new furniture since you just want to get the opposite effect. The recycled furniture, old or worn out are the ideal ones


  • Brick walls: in natural color or painted white. Both possibilities are accepted. There is even decorative paper to imitate the shape and texture of the bricks.


  • Iron, steel and wood: those are the perfect materials. Since most furniture have a metal structure that bring a cold sensation it is advisable to counteract it with pieces of wood.