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Illuminate the livingroom: ¿how to do it?

The livingroom is the most important place for most people. It uses daily: to watch TV, to work, to rest, to study and also to eat. So, if the livingroom is the place where people do more activities in a house, it needs a suitable lighting for each of them. Its really important that the design and the lights location be confortable, flexible and that can be regulated depending of the situation or de activity to do.


Illuminate to watch TV

Usually, the TV is the centre of attention in a family home. To be well-lit, is recommendable to compensate the screen intensity with a soft light lamp located near, behind or on the sides of the TV. In this way, the eyes pressure that causes the intensity changes will be reduced. This changes will allow more comfortable vision and will create screen concentration.


Illuminate to read and relax

The best way to achive the perfect light in the livingroom to read or create relax atmosphere is to use diffusing or direct lights lamps. These creates a really quiet and comfortable environment because they provides concentrated light where people can regulate the height and provide specific lighting when concentration is required. As a suggestion, the best option is to contrast this type of light with sunlight, specially at the momento where is plenty sunshine.