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How to achieve a Nordic noble style

The trend to present your home as noble and lordly is called Nordic style. Emerging from the cold of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark at the beginning of the 20th century, it has ended up being the jewel in the crown for interior decoration in Europe and even worldwide.

To this style is added a somewhat stately air with regal spaces restored to acquire greater presence. In addition, light is emphasized as an essential feature for the Nordic European countries. In this way, it seeks to counteract the low light that can be in these cold places with light colors, especially in walls.


Home approaches

As we have mentioned, darkness is not an option for a Nordic house. The white, leader in the range of colors, is paired by gray and beige. However, black can be another alternative to create a more sophisticated environment.

On the other hand, we will choose woody tones with a livelier tendency, choosing beech and birch for furniture and floors.


The geometric design of your corners

We contemplate straight and simple forms with sinuous curves transmitting practicality and order. This vibe will be reflected in tables, cabinets, carpets and especially in the kitchen. A place where linear symmetry has a lot of transcendence.

For those who have doubts when choosing a chair model there is the option of the Eames Plastic Chair, a great work of art made by the designers Charles and Ray Eames, who will recreate the home in true Nordic style.


The mix clubs

Vintage style can give a special touch to your home. We welcome pieces with alternative styles to give you your personal ‘feeling’. Find a Chester style sofa and let your room shine by itself.