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General tips for achieving a current living room

Giving rise to the era of immediacy, creativity and technology, we find ourselves at a point where design encompasses a disproportionate diversity and imagination. Thanks to the large number of tools we have, we have the possibility of creating our most desired home and environment.

Have you ever considered the living room as one of the main areas of the house? Without no doubt, it is the perfect sanctuary to read, write or receive our favorite guests. Therefore, we can’t forget its importance.

As parents often say, 'everything comes back', and they aren’t wrong. The modern and simple living rooms join the vintage trends to get a casual look.


The color of life

In the 2018 living rooms we meet the combination of neutral tones with hints of color, such as grey or ‘nude’ sofas paired with burgundy red pillows.

The sunny yellow, the dark blue and green in all its nuances will be highlighted. These colors can also be displayed as geometric shapes in carpets, armchairs, blankets and tables.

However, the gilded brass details will give majesty and glamor to our environment.


The center of the warmth

The concrete can be an option as your floor or your living room main material, giving it firmness and a brushstroke of modernity. In turn, this material will be perfectly combined with dark wood furniture and straight details.

The furniture in general will be held by straight and thin legs with a narrow tendency, such as the Whisbone chairs, a clear trend for this year.

We make the difference

The details can mark a before and an after, so we can decorate our home with a painting of botanical motif, such as an illustrated page with an Adam’s Rib plant.

Then we can focus on small plants, candles fitted with gold, decorative plates and some tropical patterns to give a boho chic effect.