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Flooring for the bathroom, stylish solutions

Facing works in the house, remodeling or decorating a bathroom is much more complex and laborious than it may seem at first. Floors, furniture, pipes, mirrors... Every little detail must be analyzed exhaustively and with precision, assessing the pros and cons involved, in order to achieve successful results.

Today we review the most populat pavements and with more demand in the current market. Different options that can be adapted to very different styles.


Micro cement, serious and formal

The micro cement is one of the most popular options in the 2017 - 2018 season reforms. It is a floor that presents many advantages, from its elegant and subtle appearance to its easy maintenance and high functionality.


Wood and laminates, similar but not identical

Although wood and laminates have a very similar aesthetic, the difference between the two lies in the installation.

On one hand, the laminate are layers of flexible wood that can be easily installed and that give the home a warmth and closeness vibe. On the other hand, the wood brings a twist of nobility appearance with a sophistication twist. However, due to the intrinsic characteristics of the bathroom, this material is not one of the most appropriate options since maintenance is much more complicated in an environment that tends to be much more humid than the rest of the house.


Hydraulic tiles, a classic

Maybe this is the most recurrent viewed option. And not only in private buildings but also in bars, restaurants, hotels and a long etcetera.

It is a resistant material, easy to clean and that gives you the possibility of highlighting the style of the bathroom thanks to its geometric decoration.


Natural stone, the most neutral option

To go one step further in the renovation of the property, the natural stone - in any of its slopes and colors - is perfect for bathing. In dark tones will give the bathroom a twist of distinction and facilitate cleaning it. In light tones will give brightness and clarity to the environment.