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Feng Shui: learn how it influences your house decoration

Feng Shui is not a decorative style, nor a Chinese tradition, but an art that analyzes how the space around us affects our daily life and our well-being. The literal translation is about wind and water, prominent elements in this kind of decoration.

There are several techniques to make your house a comfortable place to be. Open spaces, mirrors, energy flows, plants or flowers are some of the fundamental keys to start decorating a room characterized by its tranquility.


The importance of simplicity

Feng Shui is characterized by the simplicity of the elements, the open spaces and the free circulation of energies. The scarcity of objects, therefore, is one of its fundamental features.

This characteristic is evident throughout the property, especially at the entrance, considered one of the key points. It must be free of furniture, shelves, paintings and any other striking object. However, it is also a good idea to decorate it with mirrors and plants.

Any object that hoards or pools energies is not welcome in this Asian style. Feeling calm and positive is fundamental.


The importance of nature

For the lovers of this popular Asian style, nature has an important relevance over the rest of the elements. According to its main supporters, the renewable energy must be present in almost any room of the house.

They create a state of positivism, tranquility and allow the energies to circulate without stagnation.


Goodbye negative energies

It is important that light enters naturally and can be regulated through blinds or curtains to avoid the presence of negative energies. The latter can escape with the use of candles or with a little salt that will have to be collected after 24 - 48 hours.

Open spaces, natural elements, simple decoration and natural light are the cornerstones of this cool style that will help you to achieve great peace and well-being.