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Entryways to impress

Most of us know that the first impression is what counts. The lobbies or entryways besides being the entrance to a house, they also are the cover letter of those who live in it. The entryways talk a lot about what we are going to find next. So that visitors are surprised and wanting to continue discovering more parts of the house, it is important to take good care of the decoration and the details of the entrance to your home. In this article we show you some of the best ideas so that nobody will forget the good feeling that your lobby transmits. In addition, in your daily life you will also appreciate entering the house and finding an orderly, aesthetic and clean space.

Functional and useful

The decoration of a hall should balance between the beauty and the simplicity. It is about creating a practical space for day to day and that transmits a first impression of your personality and taste. Try to remove that furniture that is not functional for this room, the ideal would be to not overload it so it brings a greater sense of well-being when arriving or leaving the house.

Wooden bench

Adding a small wooden bench, with soft shades such as white or beige, will be ideal to convey style and comfort to the entrance. In addition to having a great value at decorative level, which will show you as a calm and thoughtful person, a bank in the hall is a very practical element in the daily life. You can use it to take off your shoes, leave the shopping bags or read the mail.

Coat rack

Leaving your coat, along with taking off your shoes, could be one of the greatest and simplest pleasures of getting home. Look for a coat rack for your entryway that is original and fits with the decoration. The racks are ideal for when you receive friends and they do not know where to store their coats and bags. This will help to create an impression to them that whoever lives in that home is a person who likes to take care and likes to host their visitors.


Who does not want to boast about the family, travels around the world or the greatest moments of somebody’s life? Throughout a life time we accumulate many pictures that only a few people will see. Therefore, incorporate images that make you feel good, that show your personality and that add a touch of tenderness to this corner of the house.