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Elegant and relaxed inspiration

When it comes to choosing which style will fit best in the decoration of our home, there may be nuances that make you doubt. The objective is to achieve a pleasant atmosphere that, at the same time, shows our personality and taste.

Today the combination of styles, as far as interior decoration is concerned, is the order of the day. A modern deco that follows the current trends, perfectly combines with a conventional and even disorganized deco. And, who does not love the look of a dazzling bohemian room?

You do not have to do without a style to continue with the other. You can choose to combine a relaxed and elegant decoration to create a Boho Glam style. It is about taking the best of relaxed bohemian style to merge it with ostentation and glamour, achieving a totally perfect appearance.

Below, you will find some tips that will help you to create an amazing Boho Glam decoration with an irresistible touch.


A peacock chair

The iconic peacock chair is the most representative object of the boho movement of the 70s. Every bohemian room should have one of this cozy wicker beauties that have their origin in Southeast Asia in the seventeenth century.


A touch of antiquity

We will choose some elements or vintage pieces for the room. Either an antique headboard or a lamp that looks like something from another era.


Moroccan style

The Moroccan style has always generated great fascination around the world for its daring designs, its bright accessories and its unparalleled colours. Choosing a beautiful Moroccan styled rug and begin the decoration from its colors will help to create a halo of mystery in the room. With lamps, teapots and exotic cushions we will awake all our senses.


A lot of plants

A simple way to achieve a boho atmosphere is by adding some large-leaved plants. For interiors it is ideal to opt for a plant that requires low maintenance such as a Rubber Plant or Philodendron, which will give an air of seventies nostalgia.