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Dichotomy Black & White

Since always, the Black & White duo has been considered one of the combinations that, aesthetically speaking, works best. And they are not only great allies in terms of decoration and interior design but also transferring it to other areas and sectors such as fashion, where their great relationship continues.


Smart homes with a cool vibe

This trend, which has been gaining followers over time, stands out for its ability to display an elegant and sophisticated image - attributes of black color - in an environment of calm, peace and tranquility that is achieved thanks to the predominance of white or neutral tones in walls and elements that we want to conceal, focusing the attention on others.

The versatility of this prestigious chromatic duo allows different results to be obtained depending on the decorative elements in the home. You can use a combination of modern elements that, as a result, will lead to a modern and innovative atmosphere or going for a simpler style, which will make you achieve a great minimalist vibe.


The balance of the mix

However, if there is something important when it comes to combining this powerful duo of colors, is the balance. Being two completely opposite tonalities and with a very marked "personality", it is necessary to find the proportion to achieve the harmony, making the two tones coexists with the rest of the elements displayed in the house.

Likewise, the inclusion of other materials and colors – with moderation so as not to lose the essence of the style - is a good resource to achieve perfect proportions. The old wood, bright elements and light green leaf plants are just some examples of elements that would help you to achieve the desired result.

Although each person can decorate their house to their taste, it is necessary to emphasize that there are specialists of the sector who advise their clients about the decoration, the distribution and the colors of the house. With the help of interior designers, it is possible to optimize time while obtaining a professional result in a short period of time.