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Color trends for the façade

When we start living in a new luxury property, the decorative elements that are included in it become protagonists since they are from where the house is taking strength and personality, at the same time being able to transmit unique sensations. The style, the tonalities, the disposition in the space and the combination with the other objects present in the environment are some of the most relevant factors that allow to achieve a unique and exclusive residence.

However, despite the growing importance of interior decoration, we must not neglect that exterior aesthetics is also fundamental. Thus, the color and materials of the façade, the decorative objects of the garden or the porch are very important to achieve an excellent result.


Proposals for the façade

While it is true that there are many shades and combinations, we list some of the most versatile and trendy year after year:

  • Yellows and oranges: you can opt for a vibrant and striking tone especially recommended for second homes in areas with warm climates - or for a softer and more delicate shade that will adapt more easily to the environment, without being excessively daring. Both combine perfectly with furniture and earth-colored details.


  • Blue: it is very common that the houses located in coastal areas or fishing villages have details of intense blue color, in the purest Mediterranean style. However, there is also the possibility of opting for a more relaxed tone such as sky blue or turquoise, which will bring calmness and serenity. The blue and white duo form one of the best tandems.


  • White: it is an exceptional color in those cases in which you want to achieve a home that stands out for its delicate, calm and pure nature. It combines with all kinds of materials: from metal to create a modern and futuristic look to stone cladding, to get a more rustic look.


  • Wood: houses made of wood, or wood combined with stone are ideal for rustic style country houses. They create a calmed and very pleasant atmosphere.