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Basic information to get right with your facade

Thanks to the large number of portals that deal with architecture, design, interior construction and others, we are perfectly informed about the latest interior trends, the best accessories and colors for each type of property, the most coveted furniture, etc. However, we rarely receive information about the most impressive facades of the 21st century.

For this reason, today we will talk about some of the best options for facades as well as their qualities to achieve a unique and very special touch.

If we go back several decades, the perception of the facade was based on the need to cover personal space in order to create a family niche. This means that facades were not seen as an aesthetic element of the house.

As we have evolved they have come into play with concepts such as design, architecture and aesthetic, our perspective has taken a 360º turn.


Modern Structures

Facades are characteristic for being one of the areas where the first visual impact is everything. The facade transmits a first impression about the home and can even help us see what’s inside.

Currently and for a few years, we see facades with 90º finishes, straight lines and a very cubic structure. The minimalist shapes provide elegance and modernism; an example of this is found in the sloping roofs.

Another trend that overflows in the current facades is based on the union of different cube-shaped blocks, from smaller to larger, creating a pyramid effect.


Palette of materials

The range of materials and coatings for the exterior walls is infinite. However, the most used to create spectacular facades are stone, wood, cement, metal, glass and brick.

The stone varnished in white combines perfectly with wood; the cement along with the brick and some reliever coating form a super tandem and the glass along with the natural stone and metal are the idyllic mix.