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Pros and cons of living in a penthouse apartment


Over the last few years, penthouse apartments have become the most popular housing properties in the real estate market, above other types such as chalets or villas.

Although the construction cost is the same as the rest of the apartments, penthouse apartments usually have a higher price that can range between 20% and 40% more. This is basically because the demand exceeds the supply.

However, although the price increase is notable, other factors coexist that must be carefully considered according to the needs.


Penthouse apartment pros

  • Natural lighting. Living on the highest floor of the building allows you to enjoy natural lighting throughout the day, which makes the house a much nicer.
  • Views. Depending on the orientation, we shall enjoy attractive landscapes such as the sea, the mountain or the city.
  • Terrace. A lot of attics have wonderful terraces where you can plant a small garden, enjoy meals and dinners outdoors or set a chill out area.
  • Privacy. These types of floors, in the upper part of the buildings, give greater privacy. In addition to not having any more neighbors in top floors.


Penthouse apartment cons

  • Air conditioning. The temperatures of the penthouse apartments are extreme in winter very cold and in summer very hot – because it isolation. This increases considerably the heating and air conditioning expenses.
  • Price. The penthouse apartments show an increase up to 40% of the price compared to houses in the same building.
  • Robberies. Penthouse apartments are located at the top so they are more exposed to burglars, for whom it’s easier to enter at this type of houses.
  • Maintenance. Humidity, storms, gusts of wind or the constant sun are just some meteorological factors that can deteriorate the property.


Before making the decision to move into an penthouse apartments, we must consider the pros and cons and decide whether the purchase or rent are worthwile