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A dip inside your home

Indoor pools are very desirable places in homes, either because of the calm they transmit or because of the pleasure they evoke of immersing themselves in water and feeling peace and tranquillity.

The concept of swimming pool goes back to the word piscis – fish in Latin – which was based on a structure full of water where fish that ate the larvae of insects were deposited, in order to cleanse the water. From then on, a velar evolution of the perception of the pools has been seen, going through a great variety of designs.

Next, we collect the three styles of indoor pools that best fit any home.


A sandstone and bamboo sanctuary

The elongated pools with a very sinuous boho touch are one of the most desired bets. They combine spaces where the white takes centre stage with very soft tones that evoke the eco trend, such as bamboo canes, woody walls or high-draft plants.

It is committed to creating a contrast with turquoise water sustained on sandstone structures with greyish tones and there is a clear inclination for the heated pools with wide waterfall that provide a very attractive SPA effect.


Between crystals

For homes with views of infarctions, it is preferable to opt for swimming pools with crystal structures to give an innovative optical effect. There are two types of unique bases: the same glass that is used to limit the hall effect pool or polished micro-cement with an industrial and modern touch.

Ideally, look for structures with a very linear and selected geometric spaces.


Full majesty

Finally, there are majestic pools combined with modernist soft tones; it is common to find very flattened structures with pillars that hold the pool area with floors and walls covered in white marble and grey cracks.

We will cover the entire area with white colors, except for the pool that will stand out for its light blue and dark grey complements and we will add some hammocks and a table with wavy finishes. It is also interesting to opt for white curtains with fall to separate the different hammocks and create intimate spaces.