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Marble-Trend Bathrooms

Marble, material that represents beauty, strength and elegance, gains strength and becomes a must in the interior decoration of the new season. It is a historical element and protagonist of sculptures such as Venus de Milo and David by Michelangelo that refers us to the ancient Imperial Rome.

Without a doubt marble is present in most of today’s buildings, standing out in some areas as the bathroom, where it comes to a lot of life.

A unique material full of vitality

The uniform, mottled and cracked colorations are some of the greatest accomplices in the popularity and pleasure that marble brings in our societies. Each of its colours, textures and finishes take us to the most sophisticated places of Ancient Greece, where art was a path to survival.

Currently, the bathroom is the area of the house where there is usually a greater presence of this wonderful material. The most modern and current have the marble trend in sinuous colours like Black & White, but even so, depending on the chosen decoration we will be diverted to colours like red, bottle green, gray or navy blue. 


An exemplary finish

If we opt for polished marble, we must be able to appreciate the finishes of the structures: straight countertops with curbs at 90º accompanied by open-air showers and panoramic mirrors without borders, which will represent the freshness and modernity of the 21st century.

Likewise, lovers of the total look trend can choose to fill all spaces in the purest Renaissance style with modern touches.